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Collective Allies

"Purpose Becomes Real When Shared."

Choose Your Path

We are all on our own journeys in life. Making conscious choices that fit our unique story is the key. Its not always clear how to move forward, but each day we lay the foundation for what comes ahead.

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Why Agreeganism
  1. What is Agreeganism?
  2. Why is it important?
    • The Meatrix
    • Compassion, Awareness & Freedom
    • Anti-Slavery & Cruelty-Free

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Iron from Plants is Better Quality Source than from Animal Blood

This article discusses why plant based iron sources are better quality than iron that comes from blood in animal products. Humans do not need to eat or drink blood to have a healthy level of iron. In-fact animal iron sources potentially cause too much iron which causes inflammation and a variety of diseases.

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Cow Milk Is Much Worse Than Plant Based Alternatives

Here are many reasons why cow milk AKA Dairy is bad in 4 of the 5 major categories when evaluating it's value:

  • Taste is Subjective.
  • Health Issues associated with Dairy Products.
  • Ethical Atrocity of Dairy Products from Factory Farms.
  • Environmental Damage and Pollution is Catastrophic.

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Is it Wrong to Steal Because it's Illegal or Unethical?

Imagine you lived in a community where stealing from others is legal. It's also considered socially acceptable to take from others if you are cunning enough to do it. If someone steals from you, you are allowed to retaliate or steal it back, But if they get away with it you cannot use legal action against that other person who you can prove stole from another. Society accepts it as the way the world works: You get what you can get.

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CosmicSkeptic Explains how Diet Causes Pandemics

Another youtube explaining to the public that infectious diseases such as Covid-19 are caused by factory farms and a meat eating diet that sponsors these virus and bacteria breeding grounds. In this video CosmicSkeptic explains the situation in details and says: "it's about time we started taking this very very seriously." [...] "The answer may be as simple as changing our diet."

"All you have to do to bring about the end of this nightmarish industry,

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The Most Powerful Strategy for Healing People and the Planet

Ted talk by Michael Klaper at TEDxTraverseCity

The Physicians Committee combines the clout and expertise of more than 12,000 physicians with the dedicated actions of more than 175,000 members across the United States and around the world.

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The Impossible Burger is a Better Choice than a Beef Burger In Every Way

The impossible burger is better in at least 4 of the 5 major categories when comparing food:

  • Taste, 
  • Health, 
  • Environment, 
  • Ethics and 
  • Price.   

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Covid-19 is a Symptom of Animal Abuse Caused by Eating Meat

There are some conspiracy theories that propose that Covid-19 was made in a laboratory by China that either accidentally or on purpose released in Wuhan. Whether that is true or not, the conditions for this particular Virus to mutate and jump to humans exist in the Wuhan Wet Markets. So in either case,

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Processed Meat is Directly Linked to Colo-rectal Cancer

The Statement "Meat causes cancer" is a bit of an overly simplified statement, that upon closer evaluation is correct on it's own, but there are other factors that seems to effect it such as smoking, lack of exercise, and how much fiber is in the diet. Like most topics to do with the human body,

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Animal Spirits Attacking Human Society

Bats are the original species host of SARS-CoV-2 genetic code. In a way, our culture is under attack by bat spirit, due to our cultures involvement in mass animal abuse. In the case of Covid-19, bats in China put in captivity in close proximity to pangolins. Something that would never happen in nature,

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III & IV Empress and Emperor Archetypes Together

Empress and Emperor Archetypes Amplify Each Other

These 2 Archetypes balance each other out and are complimentary energies. The Empress has Divine Feminine energy from 2 of the 4 elements: Water (Emotional Intelligence) and Earth (Physical Grounded-ness). The Emperor has Divine Masculine energy from Fire (Passion) and Air (The Mind).

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IV. The Emperor

Clarity, Confidence and Discipline

The Emperor's associated astrological symbol is Aries as he gains his power from the planet Mars. He is the embodiment of divine masculine as such is a protector, provider and leader. The Ram with the Aries symbol on his forehead symbolizes the force behind the calm presence.

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Agreegan Dietary Guidelines

Agreeganism is primarily plant-based with exceptions based a holistic view of how the food is produced and what the consequences of eating or not eating it are. Those who choose to be Agreegan rejects carnism and declare that modern animal agriculture is an ethical atrocity on a mass scale.

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III. The Empress

Nurturing Beauty and Creativity

The Empress Archetype is the outward expression of having a vision and then nurturing it into life. This can be expressed through visual vibrancy and color. In this art piece it's represented by the nautilus shell she is manifesting. It's simplistic spiral form representing an infinitely expanding growth from the loving attention of a motherly force. 

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Vegan UFC Fighter Rashad Evans

I disagree with Joe Rogan, as he is bias towards eating meat and he doesn't really care much about the impact he has on the Earth and other beings. But he interviews all kinds of people. Such as this guy "UFC Hall of Famer Rashad Evans" who switched from eating meat,

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Ethitarianism - Ethics Based Eating

Before I switched to "Agreeganism" I was using the term: "Ethitarianism." I have abandoned that term in favor of a more laid back and holistic style of agreeganism. Here is the info on that I put together back in 2015 to 2020:

Ethitarianism is a diet based on the principals of consumer responsibility and morality.

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II. The High Priestess


Ritual, Invocation and Meditation

I call in the presence of spirit guardians, light beings and divine grace. May I receive wisdom and guidance in alignment with my highest self and greatest intentions.

Messages come in the form of symbols of universal human experiences,

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I. The Magician

Manifestation, Creative Focus and Productivity

The magician archetype is all about using intention to manipulate the alchemical elements available in a way that manifests experiences that illuminate truth, awareness, and purpose in an inspiring and enchanting way. By effectively manifesting what is needed, the magician can take a step to higher ground instead of falling into challenging situations that a more foolish archetype can get themselves into.

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0. The Fool

Lighthearted Enthusiasm and Naive Optimism

A leap of faith is required to start any journey into the unknown. The fool Archetype is an enthusiastic "Yes" to the journey, motivated by grandeur delusions of what may be ahead while not paying much attention to the potential danger.

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Lucid Dream Treasures

The 7 things you need to know to have successful lucid dream experiences:

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Everyman Sleep Schedule Graph

This sleep graph shows polyphasic sleep schedule that is known as the "Everyman Sleep Schedule". The Everyman polyphasic sleep schedule is a type of sleep pattern that involves taking a core sleep of about 3-4 hours at night, followed by several short naps throughout the day.

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Vampires Require Animal Blood, Humans Do Not

Imagine we lived in a world were humans had sharp carnivora teeth, like that of a vampire. Vampires are mythological evil monsters that pray on the blood of other beings with no compassion. Since vampires drink the blood of humans and can turn humans into cursed vampires, we fear them.

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Canine Teeth For Kindness

Humans have 4 extremely small canine teeth, much like other herbivores. The human mouth is not designed for biting or ripping flesh. The reason humans can eat meat, is because of hand made weapons & knives (not claws or teeth), and that we cook off the bacteria that could kill us or make us sick if we ate it raw,

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