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II. The High Priestess

May 19, 2019

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Ritual, Invocation and Meditation

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I call in the presence of spirit guardians, light beings and divine grace. May I receive wisdom and guidance in alignment with my highest self and greatest intentions.

Messages come in the form of symbols of universal human experiences, stories and revelations. This inward vision can be accessed through ceremony, daily routines, and rituals that are guided by meditation, intuition, nature and the tarot.

I am grateful to spend time with Izabelle Sweet who embraces and amplifies the high priestess archetype. This has taken me 1 step further on my spiritual journey and is channeled into this drawing.

Turning Inward Through Meditation

One of the most effective ways to turn inward is to sit in meditation. By quieting the mental chatter while sitting in stillness, deeper aspects of the self come to the surface. The High Priestess Archetype prefers to turn inward to find motivation and insight. It can be though as an introverted expression of deepening the spiritual process of creation. From this place visions of answers to unresolved questions can emerge.

Divso - Divine Source Shape Shifting Dragon Being

While I was in meditation I was inspired by the shape shifting nature of the divine source. Often appearing as a dynamic face that shifts with it's surroundings, presenting information in a subtle and non-verbal way. I came up with this character named Divso to represent Divine Source. This made it easier to relate to and be in the presence of it.

Divso the shape shifting dragon

High Priestess Necklace SymbolHigh Priestess Necklace

This silver necklace I purchased for a lover the day before she broke up with me so I never got an opportunity to give it to her. It has haunted me for years, unable to deal with the emotional weight associated with it's original purpose, while also unable to discard it due to it's value and beauty. 

OuroborosThe design is a more elaborate version of the Ouroboros:
"which depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail. is often interpreted as a symbol for eternal cyclic renewal or a cycle of life, death, and rebirth. The skin-sloughing process of snakes symbolizes the transmigration of souls, the snake biting its own tail is a fertility symbol." 
What I did not know at the time is that:
"A double Ourosboros in alchemy symbolizes volatility."

Timber Root - Breakup DrawingAlthough volatility causes transformation which often leads to growth, it can also be a rather destructive force and can destroy a foundation, like a break up. After acquiring the necklace as a gift for my partner at the time, while our relationship was already being challenged, it became extremely volatile and ended the next morning with her leaving and never coming back. I didn't get a chance to give it to her. 

Oroborus in High Priestess Drawing Bottom RightDue to it's personal emotional weight transformed into depth and insight, as well as the traditional spiritual meaning, it is the ideal symbol of the High Priestess for me. I have given it to Izabelle Sweet as a thank you for her sharing her high priestess perspective with me during the time I lived with her and while I was studying this archetype. I photo shopped it into the art piece in the bottom left corner as a reminder of sacrifice, death and rebirth as a spiritual process. 

Giving and Receiving Tarot Card Readings

Spontaneous OverflowDivso in High Priestess Drawing with Tarot CardsThe High Priestess Archetype is an ideal archetype to embody when dealing with Tarot Cards a tool for self reflection or social interaction with others. While studying this archetype I pulled 3 tarot cards daily and placed them out on an alter as a daily ritual.

Tarot cards can help deepen social interaction with friends and strangers by bringing the topic of conversation to what shows up in the cards. I spent time giving tarot card readings to friends and acquaintances, being sure to remain tuned in and respectful to the process. I tell people a few things to help them understand how it works and to feel comfortable:

  • Tarot cards hold non-verbal symbols of universal human experiences and spiritual insights. Whether the cards show up at random or are guided by psychic forces, they open a window to view your life from a different perspective.
  • Your interpretation of what shows up is what is most valuable. I am here as a guide to help the other person gain insight and integrate the card imagery.


Angelic Figure

I learned the important of an invocation to set the tone and archetypal influences on guidance. It's a way to tune into my higher self and deepen conversations with others. Some people wing it, but I have one I almost always say:

"I call in the presence of animal spirit guardians, light beings and divine grace. May I receive wisdom and guidance in alignment with my highest self and greatest intentions."
An invocation like this is said before I read tarot cards for myself or a friend. Especially when over an alter before doing spiritual inner work.


Deepening the Spiritual Journey within

By tuning in, taking alone time, and listening to the deepest and highest spiritual voice within, teaches that we all have inner wisdom that can help us add more meaning and purpose to life. Once aligned with the deepest insight it naturally leads to a desire to manifest something magnificently beautiful. This naturally leads to the next Archetype: The Empress. Inter Pret Inner Flip The Empress heals the High Priestess's shadows by bringing the attention back to the body and society, while being nurturing to some aspect of life or beings. Learn more about The Empress.
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