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Animal Spirits Attacking Human Society

October 6, 2020

Bat Spirit

Bats are the original species host of SARS-CoV-2 genetic code. In a way, our culture is under attack by bat spirit, due to our cultures involvement in mass animal abuse. In the case of Covid-19, bats in China put in captivity in close proximity to pangolins. Something that would never happen in nature, but humans do it so they can kill them fresh at wet markets and then eat them. Metaphorical bat spirits are attacking human society because of all animals we abuse with our diet. It's the dark secret few meat eaters will admit their diet causes.

Since Bat spirit medicine is about rebirth, it is also exactly what people need to re-define themselves and their eating habits so that they are not contributing to pandemic causing and unhealthy unethical and spiritually decrepit activity of eating dead animal flesh grown in sick conditions of factory farms.

Chicken spirits have been attacking human society with the Flu virus (Influenzas) for many years. That's where it originates. inhumane Chicken farms that currently exist and are funded by people who eat chicken on a regular basis. We have the flu because people like eating chicken and don't care where it comes from, just as long as it's cheap.

How Chickens in Close Captivity gave Humans Influenza Virus causing the Flue.

From a spiritual perspective, The spirits of slaughtered chickens are attacking humans with the Flue Virus. Influenza originated in Ducks and was harmless to ducks and humans. It wasn't until Humans created chicken farms and duck farms in awful conditions where the animals had no where to go and easily got sick, that the Duck Influenza virus was able to mutate from Ducks to Chicken Lungs!

Like an evil spirit it then became aggressive. These was no longer an advantage the mutating virus to keep the chicken alive, since chickens are cramped together and the virus can jump from chicken to chicken through the air as they are right next to each other. It didn't take much for the chicken lung infecting influenza virus to then jump to human lungs and now we have the flu virus.

You may say "Well even if we stop eating chickens, we will still have the flu virus now that we have it." that's true, but factory farms are still incubating more new viruses and super anti-biotin resistant bacteria. There is more to come if we continue eating animals. It will get much worse for us.

Swine Flu hasn't cause any world wide human outbreaks yet, but it is likely it will. Swine Flue is a virus that is currently being incubated in pig farms. H1N1 virus pandemic of 2009 came from pigs. It's a direct result of aweful conditions for pigs in factory farms.

Spiritually those pigs would see humans as devils and do anything to attack humans who would be so cruel. The virus the spread to us are like poetic justice, or karma.

Only those who do not buy factory farmed meat are innocent of their suffering. A wise choice is to stop buying and funding pig factory farms, in particular stop buying pork and bacon! Otherwise we can expect that the pig spirit will attack human society with a new sickness. Anyone eating bacon and pork will karmicly be effected.

Ignorance is Not Bliss

We already know that eating bacon and pig fat leads to obesity, increase risk of heart disease, colon cancer and poor health due to extremely high saturated fat levels. But now that we are experiencing a pandemic, we know that it can get much much worse in other ways if we continue this route of buying and eating meat on a daily basis, that come from factory farms.

We have covid-19 for a similar reason and there are more animal spirits that will be attacking humanity as long as we continue to abuse them and eat them without caring about their spirits, or ours. Now is the time for re-birth. There isn't much we can do about the current pandemic other than accept responsibility for it and wear a mask in public. There is a lot we can do to prevent the next pandemic: stop buying factory farm products!

If you continue buying factory farm products, then you cannot complain about the current pandemic, or future ones while you are actively funding it.

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