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VI. The Lovers

The Lovers


This archetype is about balancing masculine and feminine energy within, as well as with a lover. By being in tune with how to tap into my masculine and feminine energy, I am able to show up and relate to a partner of the opposite polarity. As I take on a stronger masculine role it allows my partner to feel safe fully expressing her feminine essence.

This archetype is about being in tune with the present moment. It's preferable to have a plan for what will happen while with a Lover. But if I don't have a plan, let it all unfold naturally. If I get caught up in my head about something, let it go for the time being. Do not attempt to work it out with my partner as that would require you to leave the Lover Archetype. Instead work out complicated intellectual or technical concepts with someone who is not my romantic partner. This way I can become clear on these topics without placing any burden or complexity on the relationship.


Chimro - CHoosing In the Moment to Remain Open

Chimro is a word that can be said to signify that a person has something to say, but is choosing not to say it to allow for something deeper or higher to be said or happen instead. In this empty space made by not speaking, something new and potentially better can happen. It is a space of growth, listening, allowing and presence. It breaks habits and patterns of past ways of being, where new ways of being can be explored.

In other words: This is a word to say when something comes to mind to say to someone, a conversation topic or thought, but instead of saying it, you choose not to. Instead exchanging talking with simply being open. Sometimes this can feel unnatural, and you may want to acknowledge that it’s happening. In that case, you can simply say: “Chimro”.



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