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My Journey So Far:

Fool Archetype Drawing - The Hero's Spiritual Journey Begins with Flight

0. The Fool

Lighthearted Enthusiasm and Naive Optimism

A leap of faith is required to start any journey into the unknown. The fool Archetype is an enthusiastic "Yes" to the journey, motivated by grandeur delusions of what may be ahead while not paying much attention to the potential danger.

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Magician Archetype Drawing

I. The Magician

Manifestation, Creative Focus and Productivity

The magician archetype is all about using intention to manipulate the alchemical elements available in a way that manifests experiences that illuminate truth, awareness, and purpose in an inspiring and enchanting way. By effectively manifesting what is needed, the magician can take a step to higher ground instead of falling into challenging situations that a more foolish archetype can get themselves into.

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High Priestess Artwork by beholder Sphere

II. The High Priestess


Ritual, Invocation and Meditation

I call in the presence of spirit guardians, light beings and divine grace. May I receive wisdom and guidance in alignment with my highest self and greatest intentions.

Messages come in the form of symbols of universal human experiences,

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Empress Beholder Sphere Tarot Art colored

III. The Empress

Nurturing Beauty and Creativity

The Empress Archetype is the outward expression of having a vision and then nurturing it into life. This can be expressed through visual vibrancy and color. In this art piece it's represented by the nautilus shell she is manifesting. It's simplistic spiral form representing an infinitely expanding growth from the loving attention of a motherly force. 

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Emperor Archetype of Beholder

IV. The Emperor

Clarity, Confidence and Discipline

The Emperor's associated astrological symbol is Aries as he gains his power from the planet Mars. He is the embodiment of divine masculine as such is a protector, provider and leader. The Ram with the Aries symbol on his forehead symbolizes the force behind the calm presence.

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Empress and Emperor Archetypes Together Colorized

III & IV Empress and Emperor Archetypes Together

Empress and Emperor Archetypes Amplify Each Other

These 2 Archetypes balance each other out and are complimentary energies. The Empress has Divine Feminine energy from 2 of the 4 elements: Water (Emotional Intelligence) and Earth (Physical Grounded-ness). The Emperor has Divine Masculine energy from Fire (Passion) and Air (The Mind).

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Hierophant Drawing Semi Transparent

V. The Hierophant

Mentoring, Preaching and inspirational Joy

The Hierophant Archetype is the the masculine extroverted expression of the same spiritual energy and wisdom that the High Priestess Archetype of the 2nd Card (II) Embodies. This expression tends to be joyful while speaking passion about God out loud.

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Lovers Archetype BeholderSphere

VI. The Lovers

Balance and Loving Presence

The Lovers Archetype is about balancing energy of opposite polarity that are within you to achieve higher states of consciousness and spirituality. This is most often done by favoring the present moment over the past or future. It's more important to have good relationships and enjoyable experiences right now,

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Chariot Archetype Artwork

VII. The Chariot

Purpose, Direction and Dharma.

In 2022 I took on embodying this archetype and became more tuned in with my purpose, direction, ethics, presence, and refining a spiritual mission to be on.

The artwork captures how I feel about my life purpose at this time in my life.

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Strength Archetype Blue Glow Leo Lion Beholdify

VIII Strength

Confidence, Perseverance and Cunning

Strength is all about the capacity to overcome resistance. Pushing up against resistance is what makes us stronger. Yet the spiritual strength demonstrated in the Strength Card of the Major Arcana of the Tarot is more of a way of being that uses more than force to overcome resistance.

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Mystic Hermit Sketch

IX The Hermit

I am now studying the Hermit Archetype. I'll share more here as I make progress.

My experience of it so far is a respectful retreat from social occasions in exchange for more time to focus on a project. It's one thing to know that,

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