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Archetype Art and Spiritual Journey So Far:

Fool Archetype Drawing - The Hero's Spiritual Journey Begins with Flight
0. The Fool
Magician Archetype Drawing
I. The Magician
High Priestess Artwork by beholder Sphere
II. The High Priestess
Empress Beholder Sphere Tarot Art colored
III. The Empress
Emperor Archetype of Beholder
IV. The Emperor
Empress and Emperor Archetypes Together Colorized
III & IV Empress and Emperor Archetypes Together
Hierophant Drawing Semi Transparent
V. The Hierophant
Lovers Archetype BeholderSphere
VI. The Lovers
Chariot Archetype Artwork
VII. The Chariot
Strength Archetype Blue Glow Leo Lion Beholdify
VIII Strength
Mystic Hermit Sketch
IX The Hermit

0. The Fool

Lighthearted Enthusiasm and Naive Optimism

A leap of faith is required to start any journey into the unknown. The fool Archetype is an enthusiastic "Yes" to the journey, motivated by grandeur delusions of what may be ahead while not paying much attention to the potential danger. It is characterized by an optimistic confidence inspired by infinite potential requiring no evidence to support the reasoning. This lightheartedness invokes joyful social interactions, while looking for opportunities to joke around and encourage others.

My Journey in Sweden

Journey In Sweden and Saiva Half Drawing

At the beginning of 2018 I decided I wanted to try being a digital nomad internationally. My Swedish friend who I nicknamed Celestial Star-Struck invited me to a week long music and camping festival called Sáiva located far north east of Sweden in an area called Padjelanta. It is far enough north to see the northern lights.

It all sounds magical and impressive when I talk about it, like being called to adventure in distant lands. As the date of departure got closer I started to realize the scope and challenges of the trip I had agreed to so enthusiastically. I had a health concern which gave me an easy reason to cancel and stay home. But I imagined the Aurora Borealis shining off in some cosmic horizon, luring me to step into the foggy unknown. The only way I could get myself to go was to believe in enchantment and embrace the optimistic ideology of a fool, embarking on a journey without knowing what was on the other side.

When I arrived in Sweden it was full of wonder and excitement as I had imagined. But there was another element I was not prepared for: The language barrier. Granted almost everyone speaks English in Sweden, but as I traveled further and further away from the main city of Stockholm, more and more people spoke Swedish around me. I found myself unaware of what was going on or being talked about. I started to feel foolishly under-informed about the situations I was getting into, and how I was supposed to interact with strangers.

Fool Fall Sketch
The Fool and the Fall

It was an important lesson about the archetype: when you step into a completely unfamiliar place with naive optimism, it almost always leads to an uncomfortable feeling of falling or foolishness as everything is different and all the normal ways of being no longer work. I felt a bit lost and dependent on my English speaking friends to direct me and let me know what was going on.

At one point everyone started singing together in Swedish. I looked around quite puzzled until I worked out that they must be singing happy birthday. I tried not to draw any attention to myself as I felt like a clueless outsider, patiently waiting for an opportunity to speak English to someone and get caught up on what else is going on.

Shadow Element of Falling

Leep of Falling Faith

This shadow element of the archetype of feeling uncomfortable and potentially falling into danger is just part of taking a journey into the unknown. It forces growth and learning new ways of being as well as teaches us compassion for others who are foreigners to where we call home.

This unknown danger ahead is represented by the Alligator in the drawing. The fool does not consider that there could be an alligator ahead. If you start to fear the potential alligator, then you fall out of the Fool Archetype, as it leads to preparing for the worst, or feeling under prepared.

First Draft of the Fool Archetype Drawing

Fool First Draft
First Sketch of the Fool archetype

How to use the Fool Archetype

This archetype is particularly useful in setting your mood in a good place to start any activity. It is acknowledging the infinite potential each moment brings to open up to something absolutely amazing. Life is joyful and fun when you see the bright side. It's always a good time to tell a joke or make someone laugh. Even if you have to be a bit silly or take a risk to do it. Say Yes to whatever life offers you and give it all you got!

I. The Magician

Magician Archetype Drawing

Manifestation, Creative Focus and Productivity

The magician archetype is all about using intention to manipulate the alchemical elements available in a way that manifests experiences that illuminate truth, awareness, and purpose in an inspiring and enchanting way. By effectively manifesting what is needed, the magician can take a step to higher ground instead of falling into challenging situations that a more foolish archetype can get themselves into.

My Journey at Sáiva

Saiva Drawing Colorized by BeholderSphere

Now that I have leaped off the edge, ventured deep into the Northern Wilderness of Sweden and the Sáiva Festival has began, I reflect on how I have been acting as well as what it has taken to get here. I will now set more clear intentions to manifest the kind of experiences I want. I am here to create art, feel inspired and go on a spiritual journey. The major arcane of the tarot will be my guide.

4 Element Notebook Sketch

From this place I will act with purpose and passion while grounded and clear.

Balance The 4 Elements

In order to create what you can imagine; time and attention much be focused on it. This requires other aspects of life must be in balance:

  • Earth - Keep a healthy morning routine and diet.
  • Water - Your Emotional relationships must be positive and uplifting.
  • Air - You mind must be able to relax and keep focused on current task.
  • Fire - You must feel a desire to accomplish the goal of creating something useful and valuable.

Magician 4 Elements in Chaos to Harmony The Magician Archetype Drawing Shows the 4 elements starting out as out of balance on the left, then they become in balance on the right. The creative process is holistic, requiring many elements to come together in a unique way.

Focus Creative Energy on a Consciously Chosen Activities

One of the major lessons of the Magician Archetype is about focus and procrastination. This archetype is massively creative and able to manifest anything in life. But time and attention are a limited resource, so its just as important to NOT spend creative energy on certain tasks, as it is important to spend focused creative energy on specific chosen activities. Some activities may feel like creative magician energy, but it may be procrastination or a distraction.

Magician early sketch by Beholdersphere

For example: Spontaneously stacking rocks at the beach in impressive rock statues may feel like a creative magician archetype activity, but if stacking rocks does not contribute to a bigger picture of manifesting what you want, a skilled magician archetype will identify this, acknowledge it as a recreational creativity activity, and if it is not time for recreation then it is time to stop and get back to spending creative energy on manifesting what matters most.

Insight Manifestation Drawing

The next archetype, The High Priestess is particularly good at deepening the vision of what is most important to manifest. That will come next.

Mr Erious

II. The High Priestess

beholder sphere high priestess ritual 02

Ritual, Invocation and Meditation

Mind Share Doodle

I call in the presence of spirit guardians, light beings and divine grace. May I receive wisdom and guidance in alignment with my highest self and greatest intentions.

Messages come in the form of symbols of universal human experiences, stories and revelations. This inward vision can be accessed through ceremony, daily routines, and rituals that are guided by meditation, intuition, nature and the tarot.

I am grateful to spend time with Izabelle Sweet who embraces and amplifies the high priestess archetype. This has taken me 1 step further on my spiritual journey and is channeled into this drawing.

Turning Inward Through Meditation

One of the most effective ways to turn inward is to sit in meditation. By quieting the mental chatter while sitting in stillness, deeper aspects of the self come to the surface. The High Priestess Archetype prefers to turn inward to find motivation and insight. It can be though as an introverted expression of deepening the spiritual process of creation. From this place visions of answers to unresolved questions can emerge.

Divso - Divine Source Shape Shifting Dragon Being

While I was in meditation I was inspired by the shape shifting nature of the divine source. Often appearing as a dynamic face that shifts with it's surroundings, presenting information in a subtle and non-verbal way. I came up with this character named Divso to represent Divine Source. This made it easier to relate to and be in the presence of it.

Divso the shape shifting dragon

High Priestess Necklace SymbolHigh Priestess Necklace

This silver necklace I purchased for a lover the day before she broke up with me so I never got an opportunity to give it to her. It has haunted me for years, unable to deal with the emotional weight associated with it's original purpose, while also unable to discard it due to it's value and beauty. 

OuroborosThe design is a more elaborate version of the Ouroboros:
"which depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail. is often interpreted as a symbol for eternal cyclic renewal or a cycle of life, death, and rebirth. The skin-sloughing process of snakes symbolizes the transmigration of souls, the snake biting its own tail is a fertility symbol." 
What I did not know at the time is that:
"A double Ourosboros in alchemy symbolizes volatility."

Timber Root - Breakup DrawingAlthough volatility causes transformation which often leads to growth, it can also be a rather destructive force and can destroy a foundation, like a break up. After acquiring the necklace as a gift for my partner at the time, while our relationship was already being challenged, it became extremely volatile and ended the next morning with her leaving and never coming back. I didn't get a chance to give it to her. 

Oroborus in High Priestess Drawing Bottom RightDue to it's personal emotional weight transformed into depth and insight, as well as the traditional spiritual meaning, it is the ideal symbol of the High Priestess for me. I have given it to Izabelle Sweet as a thank you for her sharing her high priestess perspective with me during the time I lived with her and while I was studying this archetype. I photo shopped it into the art piece in the bottom left corner as a reminder of sacrifice, death and rebirth as a spiritual process. 

Giving and Receiving Tarot Card Readings

Spontaneous OverflowDivso in High Priestess Drawing with Tarot CardsThe High Priestess Archetype is an ideal archetype to embody when dealing with Tarot Cards a tool for self reflection or social interaction with others. While studying this archetype I pulled 3 tarot cards daily and placed them out on an alter as a daily ritual.

Tarot cards can help deepen social interaction with friends and strangers by bringing the topic of conversation to what shows up in the cards. I spent time giving tarot card readings to friends and acquaintances, being sure to remain tuned in and respectful to the process. I tell people a few things to help them understand how it works and to feel comfortable:

  • Tarot cards hold non-verbal symbols of universal human experiences and spiritual insights. Whether the cards show up at random or are guided by psychic forces, they open a window to view your life from a different perspective.
  • Your interpretation of what shows up is what is most valuable. I am here as a guide to help the other person gain insight and integrate the card imagery.


Angelic Figure

I learned the important of an invocation to set the tone and archetypal influences on guidance. It's a way to tune into my higher self and deepen conversations with others. Some people wing it, but I have one I almost always say:

"I call in the presence of animal spirit guardians, light beings and divine grace. May I receive wisdom and guidance in alignment with my highest self and greatest intentions."
An invocation like this is said before I read tarot cards for myself or a friend. Especially when over an alter before doing spiritual inner work.


Deepening the Spiritual Journey within

By tuning in, taking alone time, and listening to the deepest and highest spiritual voice within, teaches that we all have inner wisdom that can help us add more meaning and purpose to life. Once aligned with the deepest insight it naturally leads to a desire to manifest something magnificently beautiful. This naturally leads to the next Archetype: The Empress. Inter Pret Inner Flip The Empress heals the High Priestess's shadows by bringing the attention back to the body and society, while being nurturing to some aspect of life or beings. Learn more about The Empress.

III. The Empress

Empress Beholder Sphere Tarot Art colored

Nurturing Beauty and Creativity

The Empress Archetype is the outward expression of having a vision and then nurturing it into life. This can be expressed through visual vibrancy and color. In this art piece it's represented by the nautilus shell she is manifesting. It's simplistic spiral form representing an infinitely expanding growth from the loving attention of a motherly force. 

The Empress Archetype is a balance of the element of Water and Earth. The water fall and lake represents her connection with emotion as ripples out in constant motion and transformation. The Earth Symbol in the Rock formation to the right as well as the solid throne she sits upon symbolizes her groundedness and stability as someone you can rely on to provide a strong foundation to grow from. 

Tarus Neckless

Taurus is the astrological symbol and the personality of the Empress. You can see the symbol of Taurus on her necklace and at the base of her throne. Qualities associated with the Empress and Taurus are: Reliable, patient, practical, devoted, responsible, stable. 

Goddess Moon SymbolThe Moon on the top left is merged with the symbol of the Divine Feminine Goddess. It represent an ideal to pull inspiration from while accessing a feminine higher self. The Moon is connected with the night, insight, introversion, and the unconscious. It's phases are a reminder of the cyclical nature of all things and our direct connection to that cycle. 

Angelic FigureThe angelic bird in the top right symbolizes the loving and goodhearted nature an Empress Archetype embraces. She protects those who cannot protect themselves. These young creatures are represented by the little ones who sit on top of her throne. 

Her throne has the symbol of Venus at the top, as that is the planet that the Empress gets her power from. The 12 stars at the top of her throne represent the 12 zodiac astrological symbols that the Empress and the Emperor rule over with leadership, wisdom and guidance. The Throne is symbolic of the authoritarian power of the Empress, as this archetype offers protection and nurturing in exchange for jurisdiction, power and respect. 

The figure in the bottom right represent my experience of the Empress and the witnessing of such divine beauty. It is best represented with art, poetry, and non-verbal expressions. All qualities the Empress Archetype is in tune with. The figure is drawing what the Empress is nurturing into existence, but it's a mirror image, representing that an image of something is not the same as the actual thing. 

When I started to study the Empress Archetype, I met a woman who I will refer to as Eva. I treated her with love and respect and experienced her as a divine feminine force. Soon after we officially became boyfriend and girlfriend. It became clear that in-order for me to amplify the divine feminine, I needed to study divine masculine at the same time. conveniently the next archetype is the Emperor. 

The Empress and the Emperor are so intimately connected that it makes sense to study both archetypes at the same time. So as I studied and drew the Empress I saved space for the Emperor next to her. 

Empress and Emperor in progress of drawing and incomplete

IV. The Emperor

Emperor Archetype of Beholder

Clarity, Confidence and Discipline

Aries and Mars SymbolsThe Emperor's associated astrological symbol is Aries as he gains his power from the planet Mars. He is the embodiment of divine masculine as such is a protector, provider and leader. The Ram with the Aries symbol on his forehead symbolizes the force behind the calm presence. It's not that the Emperor uses force to get what he wants, it's that he is willing to use force to defend his community or values. This is reinforced by having his sword behind his shield. It's force is not in intimidation by from knowing how and when to use it.

"Use only with purpose. Return only with Honor."

The Sword is a symbol for the element of air which is associated with the mind and decision making. The Emperor archetype is purpose driven, decisive and confident. He does not react with emotion such as anger, fear or desire. Instead he weighs the options and decides based on logic, even if he does not have all the information, or if it's a hard decision that will cause suffering. This is where rules are made and discipline is used to enforce these rules.

Writing and Public Speaking

The Emperor primarily expresses himself through speech or written word. This could be manifest in a contract, story, or an important list. This is why the character in the bottom left is writing down what he is learning from the Emperor Archetype. The Emperor speaks clearly and forcefully.

Fire is the element of passion, energy and assertiveness. The Emperor Archetype uses his passion for his values to strengthen his position and stand for what is right. This is symbolized in the fire staff. When an Emperor feels strong emotions such as anger fear and joy, he does not immediately react to them. Instead they are channeled and transformed through the Air element of the mind to become purposeful. For example: anger can be converted into determination and focus.

VegvisirThe symbol on the shield is a Vegvisir otherwise known as a Nordic Compass:

"[...] is a symbol of protection and guidance believed to be used as a compass by Vikings. The word vegvisir means 'wayfinder' and 'sign post' in Icelandic language."

It's on the shield as a way of defending himself by helping other find their way when they are lost, instead of by striking them down with force and creating more enemies.

How the Emperor Archetype Was Embraced In My Life:

The Emperor Archetype helped me tune into my presence and masculinity. I became more aware of my posture and began a morning exercise routine. Exercise is uncomfortable and easy to simply skip. It takes self-discipline and determination to stay with the goal of gaining more strength and better posture. By embracing the Emperor Archetype I am able to face the discomfort to push my body harder.

How the Emperor Archetype Strengthens The Previous Archetypes

Divso in High Priestess Drawing with Tarot Cards The previous archetypes help establish a vision of how my life could be if I am in alignment with my higher self, values and stay purpose driven. With those visions, the Emperor archetype enforces the steps needed to move towards goals.

For example: The High Priestess showed me that spontaneous substance use such as drinking alcohol socially or smoking weed to chill out are out of alignment with my higher self. They are sacred sacraments meant to be used in ceremony with the intention of deepening my journey or changing my perspective. I know that now, but I still did it on a regular basis. The desire to drink or smoke in social situations or spontaneously during time off can be stronger than just a vision of how things should be.  This is where the Emperor Archetype is helpful:  By viewing the vision of the High Priestess as sacred, it is not ok to violate the rules and act childishly. An Emperor embraces this discomfort and does the right thing instead of the emotionally driven decision. While studying the Emperor I have better control over my desires, and prefer to go to bed on time so that I can wake up on time to start my morning exercises.

The Empress Archetype also helps strengthen The Emperor Archetype, because the Empress Archetype find the Emperor Archetype attractive (And Vise Versa). So when I align myself with the Emperor Archetype, I make better decisions for my relationship with my romantic partner, amplifying intimacy. Ill give an example:

Empress and Emperor Archetypes Drawing Together Black and White

Watching the Sunset As An Emperor with an Empress

I was spending the weekend with my girlfriend Eva, when an old female friend visited spontaneously. I was welcoming to this friend as I usually am to anyone who visits me planed or not, but it became clear that my girlfriend was not happy that my attention was now split between 2 people, as our plans were effected. Eva and I had set intention to go for a walk and watch the sunset together, but with my other friend here, we could have to accommodate them no stay home to be social. In that situation I embraced the Emperor Archetype to contemplate what I should do. I recognized that I would have to take the dis-comfortable route of telling my visiting friend that Eva and I already had plans for the evening and that we are not available to visit.  My old friend left slightly awkwardly but what followed was a magical time with Eva. We found an awesome sunset spot and basked in our joy for each other. By prioritizing Eva with clear communication despite the discomfort, I created a better situation and increased Eva's attraction for me. I felt good about myself too as I understood how the Emperor Archetype faces discomfort head on as an opportunity to demonstrate my values and do the right thing.

III & IV Empress and Emperor Archetypes Together

Empress and Emperor Archetypes Together Colorized

Empress and Emperor Archetypes Amplify Each Other

These 2 Archetypes balance each other out and are complimentary energies. The Empress has Divine Feminine energy from 2 of the 4 elements: Water (Emotional Intelligence) and Earth (Physical Grounded-ness). The Emperor has Divine Masculine energy from Fire (Passion) and Air (The Mind). By consciously empowering and amplifying the archetypal qualities in each other, they strengthen eachother. Together they are ideally suited to create a stable and protected home or living situation.

Empress and Emperor Energetically Together

Divine Masculine and Feminine

Divine feminine nurtures and manifests while divine masculine protects and creates structure. These two ways of being are compatible with each other in a way that makes a lot of potential for a strong connection. By putting attention and practice into these qualities, we make ourselves a more suitable partner of the opposite archetype.

Their energies are attracted to each other for inexplicable reasons as unique and complex as each expression of these archetypes are. As long as there is clear communication, trust and honesty, the energy flows between them freely, giving both people access to both archetypes.

Empress and Emperor Energetics sketch

The Shadow of Co-Dependent Archetypes

Co-dependent relationships are ones where at least one of the people rely on the other too much so it become out of balance. This can happen when communication breaks down, or you trust someone and give to them in a way you expect them to do the same for you. When this shadow emerges, it's time to nurture the archetype of our partner within ourselves. You don't need another person to experience a balance in both archetypes. Only do that when you find a trustworthy and loyal partner.

Emppress and Emperor Early Sketch

Stability and Empowerment

This double archetype embraced by 2 people is very empowering. From this place a person can feel grounded and sure of themselves. This leaves to the next archetype "The Hierophant" (High Priest), because the desire to express this spiritual joy and wisdom becomes strong. Especially to the next generation, or seekers of any kind.

V. The Hierophant

The Hierophant Drawing

Mentoring, Preaching and inspirational Joy

Traditional Heirophant Tarot Card

The Hierophant Archetype is the the masculine extroverted expression of the same spiritual energy and wisdom that the High Priestess Archetype of the 2nd Card (II) Embodies. This expression tends to be joyful while speaking passion about God out loud. This requires a high level of knowledge and experience with a particular spiritual linage or philosophy. The archetype is associated with preaching and mentorship both giving and receiving.

While I embodied the Hierophant Archetype I was drawn to a deeper level of understanding of my spiritual perspective and relationship with God. I felt compelled to clarify and express my understanding of Pantheism as I learned the details why it is the most accurate and useful spiritual perspective of the 21st century and the dawning of the age of aquarius.

I took action with extroverted spiritual expression by recording videos about pantheism and I started to creat an online course that teaches spiritual concepts using tarot as a framework. It is called: Behold Arcana .com.

Pantheism as a Spiritual Belief - God Is Nature

Spiral ShellI have written up my perspective on Pantheism on this blog post that is on Basically pantheism is the most accurate and best suited spiritual perspective available in the 21st century. It is the belief that: God is Nature. There is no super-natural, miracles, or personals transcended God being. Pantheism is scientifically accurate and provides the believer with a holistic and environmental conscious expression of spiritual that strives to be in harmony with the Earth and other sentient beings we share the planet with. One can be a pantheist without being a member of any religion, but there are religions that are panthest, such as: Taoism, Buddhism, Shinto, Modern Paganism, Core Shamanism (or Neoshamanism) and Most Native American Earth-Based Religions.

Mythology Based Theist Religions such as Christianity are Outdated and Flawed

preaching light and dark fast sketchDuring this time I studies many religious and spiritual perspective. In particular I spent time integrating Christianity, which is the dominant religious perspective of Western Culture for the past 2000 years. I reviewed the many known flaws and burdens of proof it cannot account for. It is not compatible with pantheism as the claims are based on taking cultural mythology as historical truth, even though the Christian bible was written many years after the events it talks about, has gone through many revisions and translations, is full of contradictions, has impossible miracles, involves blood magical rituals and addresses very few of the issues we face today. Pantheism would be compatible with Christianity, if Christianity allowed for it's own teachings to be taken as metaphorical, instead of true. Christianity as an allegorical mythology and one spiritual perspective among many, would make Christianity a useful religion to be a follower of. There are religions that see Jesus Christ as one among many ascended masters, or use the term "Christ Consciousness", such as the Self-Realization Fellowship. But how Christianity views Jesus Christ as a literal and personal savior is inherently flawed, miss-leading and limiting in the 21st century.

I found that the Christian perspective is unsuited for the future of humanity as it exacerbates an infinite resource mindset that ignores the current issues of our time while adding to the level of pollution and destruction we are currently experiencing on Earth. Christianity dumbs down spirituality and comforts the believer into accepted life as a gift from a loving creator God who has super-natural powers and controls everything yet hides from our perception and does not intervene in any measurable way. From the Christian perspective the most important aspect of life is getting into a literal eternally infinite heavenly afterlife where all the current issues we face do not exist and do not matter. This takes responsibility away from the believer and puts it on a mythological and imaginary character who will clean up after them and make things right. This mind-set may have worked ok for pre-industrial revolution times, but as we become more technologically advanced and resources become more limited, the perspective has become outdated, ignorant and even destructive.

Heirophant Photo Overlay Drawing

Hierophant Photo Overlay After Drawing

A good example of this is to examine the diet of different spiritual groups and religions. Christianity provides almost no guidelines that make any sense for our current time, leaving Christians to tend to follow outdated ideas of the standard American diet which promotes the ethical atrocity of industrial farming and environmental destruction caused by over fishing. This also leads to health decline and painful diseases that a Christian God provides no explanation, protection or guidance for. While Pantheism inherently teaches humans to eat a plant-based, as health science and vegan ideology is in perfect alignment with the concept the God is Nature. This addresses a major issues of our current time. Pantheists live in harmony with nature and take scientific understanding to make holistic decisions on topics such as diet and modern ethical practices. Buddhism is a Pantheistic religion that promotes vegetarianism as a spiritual practice to minimize suffering of sentient beings.

I felt a desire to preach about the destructive flaws of Christianity out loud, because if more Christians became aware of the psychological, philosophical, scientific, and spiritual benefits of pantheism in comparison to Christianity, more people will strive to become in harmony with the Earth and nature for many generations to come. The future of a Christian nation is a self for-filling apocalypse of environmental destruction and decay due to the logical flaws and delusional beliefs brought about by the inaccurate and outdated belief system.

The Bubble of Illusion

doodleIllogical and cult-like spiritual beliefs and religions can be seen as bubbles of illusion. The believers who are a member of the delusional group are within a bubble. All their fellow believers live in the bubble together, re-enforcing the bubbles walls while rejecting any evidence of the walls. All those outside of the bubble can see the bubble that they are in. This bubble can act as an echo-chamber while people who believe the same thing get together to re-enforce their beliefs. If a follower of a religion only reads books and listens to the preachers of their chosen religion, they may never become aware of the bubble walls. Everyone is susceptible to this particularly through tribalism and indoctrination. This is why it's important to listen to many spiritual perspectives. If you are aware and study all religions on Earth, you'll be able to see how mythology plays a roll in all of them, in particularly the creation story. If you can see other religions bubbles of illusion from the outside, you are more likely be able to identify when you are in one yourself.

Christianity's Rise and Fall During the Age of Pisces in the Last 2000 Years

I acknowledge that Christianity has contributed some benefits to society over the course of the past 2000 years, while it was one of the most useful and accessible believe system of it's time. It has helped so many people find moral guidance and inner peace. It has also allowed the believer to feel a personal relationship with the divine life force that flows through nature and living beings, by personifying it in a mythological human refereed to as Jesus Christ. It has helped many people find community, talk about spiritual topics, find a level of healing from addiction and disconnection, while learning from a role model.

Now that we have access to the internet, Christianity has become harder to believe in because it is extraordinarily unlikely due to the scientific method and the availability of information to compare Christianity to other religions and mythologies throughout human history. When Christianity is understood in the context of human nature, history, tribalism, political power and sociology, it can be seen for what it is: a mythology suited for the culture and time period it was created.

Pisces fish symbolChristianity lines up perfectly with the astrological age of Pisces. They both started approximately the same time and share the symbol of the fish. The exact date that Pisces ends is unclear but due to the precessional rotation of the Earth, every astrological age last approximately 2160 years. This number can vary by up to 200 years every astrological age because it depending on the unique size of the constellation from the perspective of the Earth. Some constellations are bigger than others so they take longer. The astrological age we are moving into is the age of Aquarius. An age perfectly suited for pantheism, new age spirituality, higher awareness, environmentalism and access to the internet.

sign wave of precessional rotation astrological ages

Graphic and Information Source:

Hierophant Trinity Staff

The Concept of Trinity

I decided to include 1 cryptic Christian symbol in the drawing, as it is a symbol that appears in the traditional tarot imagery for the Hierophant. It holds spiritual truth beyond the teaches of Christianity. In the middle of the drawing, on his chest and behind his praying hands is a cross with 3 horizontal lines.
It represents trinity:

  • Trinity Symbol on Hierophant Drawing

    Trinity Symbol on Hierophant Drawing

    Metaphorically the Holy Trinity from Christianity: Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
  • Or More literally in new-age spirituality: Mind, Body and Spirit.
  • Or in psychology: Conscious, Unconscious and Super Conscious.
  • Or in ancient mythologies: The middle realm of humans, the under realm of demons, spirits and ghosts, and the upper realm of the Gods.

This 3 levels of awareness are echoed by the 3 positions of the mans hands in the drawing. In this way, the Heirophant is aware and involved with all 3 levels of spiritual trinity.


The symbol of Taurus is included above the Trinity Symbol as a circle with a half circle above it that look like horns. It looks more like a neckless. The Heirohant is associated with the Zodia sign of Taurus - The Bull. EarthTaurus is an Earth symbol. The downward facing triangle on the chest of the man has a line through the middle, which makes it the alchemical symbol for Earth element.

Balancing Pantheism with The Tarot

In his 2 hands on either side hold 2 objects: on the left is a Nautilus Shell, which is the symbol of Pantheism. On the right are 3 tarot cards, representing the use of Tarot for spiritual insight and guidance. These 2 symbols capture the 2 balanced aspects of my spirituality.

My spiritual perspective is: Pantheism. While my spiritual practice and path is within the Tarot. Tarot adds stories of universal human experiences and archetypes to gain wisdom and insight. The imagery speaks in a non-verbal way that helps provide different perspectives on the current situations and level of awareness an individual is at. The major arcana of that tarot is an ideal guide of progressively more complex spiritual concepts yet can be experienced personally by applying the teachings in every day life and challenging situations.

Wisdom from Tarot Cards

Signal Sent Drawing by BeholderSphere 560Tarot cards are unable to predict the past, present or future in any super-natural way. Receiving a tarot card does not mean the receiver is getting a psychic message, or it is a comment on who they are or what will happen next in their life. Tarot cards are not meant to be used for telling someone's fortune. They are universal human experiences represented in artwork that is dense in symbology and metaphor. Everyone should be able to relate to every card in some way, so every card is relevant to your life. They can be seen as perspectives or emphasizing certain lessons or ways of being. This can be applied to any situation you are currently facing on whatever level of awareness you are currently on. The person receiving the card or the reading is the one most qualified to interpret that meaning for themselves. As a card reader I am here to help that person see the meaning for themselves. They are like a dream in that they are not real, yet feel very real and hold uniquely personal interpretations.

Tarot cards facilitate deep conversations with yourselves and others. They are a powerful tool for spiritual growth and insight.

Students, Mentors and Apprentices

Early The Hirophant DrawingTraditionally there are 2 students present on the Hierophant card. While I did work on mentoring my nephews who came to visit during this time, I didn't feel this was significant enough to include. Instead I spent the majority of my time talking to a video camera and building my website Behold Arcana. An Earlier version of the Hierophant drawing shows this with the 2 symbols on the left and right.

I learned that my nephews lacked interest in the level of spirituality I was presenting. Ultimately I needed to refine the style to be more story and action based for them to get fully engaged with the path of using Tarot as a spiritual guide for personal growth. This brought me to develop 3 levels of courses:

  1. The first for adolescences called: Avalonian Crusade. Consisting of 7 adventures to acquire 7 spiritual scrolls.
  2. The 2nd for teenagers and adults called:  Spirit Quest. It consists of learning the 7 spiritual insights of the previous course by embodying the first 8 archetypes of the major arcana for personal insight and creative self expression.
  3. The last being more advanced and informational called Behold Arcana, Consisting of moving through the 22 Archetypes of the major arcana of the tarot.

A seeker can start on whichever level they find most appealing. Each lesson and course build upon the last, so it's best to do them in order.

Wisdom from Books and Other Inspiring Spiritual Teachers

I read so many books while studying this archetype! This is represented by the stack of books the owl is sitting on, and the open book at the based of the drawing.

Here are some of the books I acquired:

Spiritual Books

I am most interested and inspired by reading about Pantheism, but I wanted to get a balanced perspective so I also sought out books from the perspective of the Christian Religion. Some of these are able to understand Christianity as a metaphor and not take it literally, which is a type of Christianity I feel I get the most out of:

Spiritual Christian Books

2 Crossed Keys: Knowledge and Wisdom

The crossed keys at the base of the seat is also a traditional Hierophant symbol that shows up in the Rider-Wait Tarot card. It represents spiritual knowledge and wisdom. It also represents metaphorically the keys to heaven. This is a source of much joy since heaven is a state of mind that is accessible to someone who is in-tune with a holistic and natural spirituality, free from dogma and mythology. Something I felt strongly while studying and embodying this archetype.

The Bull and the Owl

Bull and Owl Reference Image for Hierophant DrawingThe 2 animals on either side are in the place of where traditionally 2 students or devotes would go. The bull, representing both Taurus, (the Astrological zodiac that is in most alignment with the Hierophant Archetype), But also as a ways of visually declaring that a plant-based diet is a result of a higher spiritual understanding. My ability to empathizes with other sentient beings, in particular a farm cow treated as a resource, is a spiritual quality. I do not eat cow flesh because I see a cow as a sentient being, and as a spiritual person I would not treat the cow how I would not want to be treated. From a nutritional, environmental, ethical and spiritual perspective, a plant-based diet is the best diet.

I added the Owl on top of some books to represent knowledge and wisdom.  The symbol of Aquarius is on the same side of the owl, to acknowledge the great spiritual shift that is taking place away from outdated Pisces mythology based Theism, and towards an information age where Pantheism becomes the foundation to which modern intelligent humans experience a greater understanding of the nature of reality and our spiritual connection to a divine life-force.

Hierophant Drawing Semi Transparent

The Shadow Elements of Self-Righteousness

The shadow element of the Hierophant is a arrogant self-righteousness. If someone believes they know the highest level of spiritual insight, they may become condescending and closed-minded.

"The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance - it is the illusion of knowledge."
Daniel J. Boorstin

The documentary series called "Wild Wild Country" is a true story about the influential spiritual guru from the 1980s named Osho. It illuminates what can happen when a well intending but overly powerful Hierophant Archetype becomes the dominant authority of a group of followers. The shadow elements of the High Priest are ultimately what caused the demise of Osho and his cult.

It is extremely important to stay humble and open-minded while passionately expressing personal spirituality. If the goal is to spread wisdom and truth then it is wise to be strategic about it instead of fulfilling an impulse to respond right away. A hierophant does not need to speak to be a powerful expression of the truth and wisdom.

Emotional Consequences of the Shadow of the Hierophant Being Expressed

I experienced the shadow of the Heirophant when I started an E-mail conversation with an Evangelist Christian I met at a park. I was shocked by her lack of understanding of basic science, leading her to believe that the Christian Mythologies such as Noah's Arc were true, when they are clearly parables that teach Ethics in the style of when they were written over 2000 years ago. I wrote a long e-mail explaining basic information and I occasionally came off as condescending. It was challenging to explain to her how she was wrong without being offensive. She broke off communication with me, which was ok with me, but it hurt a little emotionally to be rejected and pushed away. This is how it feels to tell someone their spiritual perspective is outdated and destructive, compared to my spiritual perspective, which is better and more right, yet still flawed. This most often causes emotional upset and results in people distancing themselves when they are unable to hear what I am saying as anything more than insulting.

Illuminating and Healing the Shadow of the Hierophant

What is so incredible is the remedy to this shadow is for-filled in the following Archetype: The Lovers. The lovers archetype favors the present moment over being right. For this reason the desire to be in the present moment and the feeling of love from myself and others is what heals this desire to be validated and to be right about a complex topic.

This often comes up for me on social media when I see someone posting a comment or statement that is clearly wrong, miss-leading, politically charged, or spiritually damaging. The hierophant archetype is obsessed with expressing to that person how they are wrong, and what they need to do to correct it. This leads to the shadow elements arising of emotional turmoil, conflict, and obsessively focused on preaching about something to someone who has a hidden agenda or is not listening for advice or feedback. The practical solution to this is to identify when this is occurring, allow that person to express whatever they want (as long as it isn't harming anyone physically) and let it go. Let people express themselves freely. Let them be wrong. If there is still a strong urge to respond, or they are directing their statement at me, then respond with 1 to 3 sentences with the goal of speaking my truth in a conclusion statement and creating closure to end the conversation. Let go of the need to be right in exchange for getting your time and attention back to put on more productive topics I can be right about.

If it still bothers me after that, then I will express what I have to say in another form, but not direct it at that person. I will make it a public statement or a form of creative self expression of what I believe or feel. The goal of this is to allow myself to express what I believe and resolve it within myself, independent of the person who caused the conflict.

Fable: Don't Argue with Asses

The Grass is Bluer On The other Side

The donkey told the tiger, "The grass is blue."
The tiger replied, "No, the grass is green ."
The discussion became heated, and the two decided to submit the issue to arbitration, so they approached the lion.

As they approached the lion on his throne, the donkey started screaming: ′′Your Highness, isn't it true that the grass is blue?"
The lion replied: "If you believe it is true, the grass is blue."
The donkey rushed forward and continued: ′′The tiger disagrees with me, contradicts me and annoys me. Please punish him."
The king then declared: ′′The tiger will be punished with 3 days of silence."
The donkey jumped with joy and went on his way, content and repeating "The grass is blue, the grass is blue..."

The tiger asked the lion, "Your Majesty, why have you punished me, after all, the grass is green?"
The lion replied, ′′You've known and seen the grass is green."
The tiger asked, ′′So why do you punish me?"
The lion replied, "That has nothing to do with the question of whether the grass is blue or green. The punishment is because it is degrading for a brave, intelligent creature like you to waste time arguing with an ass, and on top of that, you came and bothered me with that question just to validate something you already knew was true!"
The biggest waste of time is arguing with the fool and fanatic who doesn't care about truth or reality, but only the victory of his beliefs and illusions. Never waste time on discussions that make no sense. There are people who, for all the evidence presented to them, do not have the ability to understand. Others who are blinded by ego, hatred and resentment, and the only thing that they want is to be right even if they aren’t.

When ignorance screams, intelligence is silent. Your peace and quiet are worth more.

Source: Dont Argue with Donkeys Fable
and Facebook Post

Teach By Example

Action speak louder than words. By walking the walk, I express spirituality without needing to announce it with words. The benefit about being right about spirituality are self evident from the peace and happiness that is present.

VI. The Lovers

Lovers Archetype BeholderSphere

The Lovers Tarot Card of Rider-Waite Deck

Tarot Card From The Rider-Waite Deck

Balance and Loving Presence

The Lovers Archetype is about balancing energy of opposite polarity that are within you to achieve higher states of consciousness and spirituality. This is most often done by favoring the present moment over the past or future. It's more important to have good relationships and enjoyable experiences right now, than it is to be right or goal oriented, or controlling. Improvise and go with the flow while seeking out joyful and exciting experiences. Be a loving presence with little to no agenda.

Co-creating and Living a Love Story

A Lover is fully aware of the love story that they are living. The story progresses as people change, hopefully for the better, as everyone is striving to be the highest version of themselves. A lover seeks to help the ones they love grow and achieve greatness. A lover authentically wants what is best for their partner, even if it means sacrificing something or suffering. The story that takes place is a co-creation as each person involved plays a part in what happens in the story. It is best for everyone involved that there is honesty with oneself and with others while living a story, because when a story becomes false or is revealed to be not in alignment with reality it can be very painful and unstable. For this reason a lover is genuinely curious about learning the true self of their partner and adapting to them. By accepting yourself and your partner for who they are, the story will be stable and allow more flexibility on what they choose to have happen next.

Circulating Energy in a Microcosmic Orbit

One way to move energy in the body is to circulate it while in what is referred to by Taoists as the Microcosmic Orbit. This can be done as part of a morning meditation routine but also when energy arises in the body. This also helps clear any energetic blockages by making them easier to feel. In the drawing, it was supposed to be represented in the subtle counter-clockwise rotation caused by the movement of energy from positive to negative and then from negative to positive. When there is no blockages, it is easier to feel optimistic, joyful and positive about situations. This is when love can flow freely to and from others.

The Lovers Archetype Draft Sketch

Earlier Draft of The Lovers Archetype

Divine Masculine Amplifies Divine Feminine

yab jum symbol

This archetype is about balancing masculine and feminine energy within, as well as with a lover. By being in tune with how to tap into masculine and feminine energy, there is a greater capacity to show up and relate to a partner of the opposite polarity. By taking on a stronger masculine role it allows a woman to feel safe and protected to go deeper into her feminine essence.

Since this archetype is about being in tune with the present moment, intimacy with others can become very playful. It's preferable to have a plan for what will happen while with a Lover, depending on what is happening in the love story. But if there is no plan, let it all unfold naturally. Guide the experience to become positive and uplifting. Dance is one of the most fun ways to get to that joyful state-of-being.

Being Present and Communicating Non-Verbally

The Lovers

First Draft Sketch of the Lovers Archetype from April 2021

It's best not to get caught up in the mind about the drama or challenges of a relationship. Instead, let it go for the time being and focus more on being here now. It can be damaging to a relationship to attempt to work out issues while upset or with an upset partner. That would most likely lead to leaving the Lover Archetype. The Lover communicates primary non-verbally and with as few words as possible. So it's important to be clear, honest and brief about feelings and intentions. Let go of all the complexity and just be present. It's much better to work out the complicated intellectual or emotional concepts with someone who is not causing them. In this way the challenges become clear without placing any burden or damage on the relationship.

I have control over my part of my relationships. My emotions are my responsibility so I intend to only bring my positive emotions. I can deal with the negative ones with a supportive friends or relative. By being the best partner I can possibly be, I am making space for an equal partner to show up to compliment the energy.

Connecting With Community Sketch

Connecting With Community Sketch

Feeling Comfortable With Who You Are

Confidence and emotional stability come from loving and accepting yourself for who you are. That provides a stable foundation to love and accept someone else. Because of this, much of the Lovers Archetype involves working on yourself particularly by taking responsibility for your emotions and action. Being in partnership or in a community provides feedback on who we are and how people respond to what we bring. You don't have control over who others act or react, but you do have control over own way of being. By being honest and loving with yourself, you indirectly encourage others to do the same. Those who are also honest with themselves at a similar level that you are on will tend to relate and feel comfortable connecting deeper.

The Lovers Archetype is an ideal archetype for expressing Gratitude, Joyful Mentorship, intensive workshops, Connecting with Others, and being in at a community event.

Chimro - CHoosing In the Moment to Remain Open

Chimro is a word that can be said to signify that a person has something to say, but is choosing not to say it to allow for something deeper or higher to be said or happen instead. In this empty space made by not speaking, something new and potentially better can happen. It is a space of growth, listening, allowing and presence. It breaks habits and patterns of past ways of being, where new ways of being can be explored.

Transforming Love Into Presence

Transforming Love Into Presence Drawing

In other words: This is a word to say when something comes to mind to say to someone, a conversation topic or thought, but instead of saying it, you choose not to. Instead exchanging talking with simply being open. Sometimes this can feel unnatural, and you may want to acknowledge that it’s happening. In that case, you can simply say: “Chimro”.

Gemini Double Dragon Angels

Gemini Astrological SymbolGemini Double DragonsThe 2 metaphysical dragons at the top of the drawing represent the potent spiritual force of love when it is mixed with the imagination and made into a story or mythology. On each of their arms is the symbol of Gemini - The Twins. In this context it refers to Twin Flame Soul Mates. There is a lot of potential in but not all romantic relationships have an expectation to reach that high of a level of connection. In the drawing The Gemini Dragons represent the angelic transcendent qualities of the highest levels of love. It is what the divine feminine looks towards, while the divine masculine looks for it through the divine feminine.

Offerings and Elemental Energies

Apple and Lotus FlowerThe masculine figure on the right offers a lotus flower in one hand, representing the element of Air and a settled mind that is at peace. While in the other hand he holds a flame of passion. This fire and air mix when brought closer and closer to a partner of the opposite polarity. The divine feminine offers an apple of temptation and sweetness. This represent the Earth element. It has the potential to ground the airy lotus flower for a more fruitful result. She holds a bowl of water in the other, representing emotional intelligence and fluidity.

The Bridge of Connection

"I define love thus: The will to extend one's self for the purpose of nurturing one's own or another's spiritual growth."

- M. Scott Peck

Between them there is a bridge that is held up by trust, respect, clear communication and positive past experiences. Intentionally building a stable bridge between 2 people take time, energy and the willingness to learn and adapt to the other person's needs and desires while honoring your own needs and desires.  The connection can only be as strong as the weakest parts because when times get harder, the weakest parts become the biggest issues. If the issues are neglected or unresolved, putting pressure on them can cause the bridge to collapse, while would bring the relationship to a painful end.

Willingness to Learn From Books

Here are some of the books I studied while learning about this archetype.

Books on Love and Tantric Energy

The Fool Stepping of a Cliff

Fool Archetype Drawing - The Hero's Spiritual Journey Begins with Flight

Fool Archetype Drawing

Both character in the drawing are moving towards stepping off a cliff much like the very first archetype: The Fool. Except this time they can do so with confidence as they have manifested a bridge to walk on that connect eachother. This archetype has some similarities to the Fool Archetype in that both archetypes have a playful optimism and are a "Yes" to whatever the moment brings. There can be excitement, jokey banter and taking things lightly. Both archetypes risk failing, as falling out of love or being seen as foolish can be quite painful. This is represented by the spikes at the bottom of both artworks.

Timber Root Heartbreak

Timber Root Drawing for 2017

Timber Root Drawing for 2017 after a harsh heartbreaking breakup

Timber Root Symbol

Timber Root

The symbol under the bridge and above the spikes is called "Timber Root". It represents deep sorrow and heartbreak, like a tree that has been freshly cut and has fallen to become a piece of timber, it has been uprooted. The 3 spikes at the bottom represent jealousy, deceit, and rejection. The concept of a love triangle is also present in the shape, as they often lead to someone feeling left out. The split down the middle creates the feeling of the pain of separation from a loved one. The hole in the center represents the feeling of being incomplete or empty.

Learning from Past Heartbreaks

We all have our stories.

Heartbreaking Breakup Purple Hellist

The origin of the Timber Root Symbol. I drew it into a drawing representing a specific Heartbreaking breakup of a love story.

Letting Go and Moving On

Letting Go and Moving On

"Let go or be dragged." - Zen Proverb

An important quality of the Lovers Archetype is the ability to let go of people and stories when the time comes to do so. Letting go is an ongoing practice which can happen in small amounts frequently especially with a partner who is not committed. If someone pulls away from you, a balanced lover pulls away equally to match their level while doing so with love for yourself and the other person. When the opportunity presents itself to practice letting go, embrace it. Feel the feelings. Let go of that person non-verbally. It gives that person freedom and allows the space to either move on, or come back together stronger. It may be helpful to remember that when one door closes, it allows the space and time for new opportunities to emerge. Now is the time to level up by integrating the lessons and re-committing to love myself enough to grow into a strong and more experienced lover.

The lovers archetype starts with learning to be a complete individual self sufficient and happy with life. Only when a person loves themself, can they truly love another in a holistic way.

Feet together healing symbolThe symbol of 2 feet together, which is at the bottom of the artwork, is a symbol of wholeness that came out of healing from heartbreak. The symbol came to me when I saw my 2 feet together. Partnership is beautiful but so is being complete on my own.

"The capacity to be alone is the capacity to love. It may look paradoxical to you, but it’s not. It is an existential truth: only those people who are capable of being alone are capable of love, of sharing, of going into the deepest core of another person—without possessing the other, without becoming dependent on the other, without reducing the other to a thing, and without becoming addicted to the other. They allow the other absolute freedom, because they know that if the other leaves, they will be as happy as they are now. Their happiness cannot be taken by the other, because it is not given by the other."
— Osho

The Shadow of the Lovers

Insight Perspective Doodle

Contemplating Purpose and Perspective

By staying in the moment and cultivating a rich love story, a person embracing the lovers archetype feels whole and content. But the experience can lack meaning when the energy ebbs away temporarily. The shadow of a lover is that they are so often embracing the moment that they don't develop long term goals, get productive, or seeking their life's purpose. This can cause a lover to occasionally feel empty and confused about what they should be doing with their life, or what their legacy specifically is. A lover may confuse their life purpose with their love partner and dedicate their life to that person. This is a shadow element because it is a state of dependency and places a burden on their partner to remain in love, which will likely destabilize the relationship over time.

The next step after achieving highly pleasurable states of spirituality is to then choose a direction to go in that has deep meaning and spiritually aligned purpose. A lover must have a purpose outside of the relationship to build on. This leads the lover to the next archetype on that path: The Chariot. (Or The Crusader).

Relationships are Mirrors

Mirror DoodleOther people see you in a way you cannot see yourself. They reflect this version of you back to you so you can see yourself through their eyes. This is extremely valuable for personal and spiritual growth.

When you are in a relationship with someone, any emotion you bring to that relationship, your partner will feel and reflect back to you. If you nurture and express positive emotions, your partner will feel them and find it easier to be happy around you. If you feel negative emotion such as anger, irritation or disappointment, your partner will feel them and naturally become defensive or not want to be around you. This reflection help you to understand that your emotions are your responsibility, not your partners. The emotions you bring to your relationship are the emotions your relationship are about. If you experience negative emotions, even ones caused by your partner, it is wise to deal with those negative emotions outside of the relationship, with someone else in order to protect your relationship from your emotional instability. This does not mean deny or suppress your negative emotions. If you are angry, be angry somewhere else. Leave until you have sorted it out. If your partner is the cause of your anger, then after you are no longer angry, then you can discuss it with them. If you bring your anger to your partner while blaming your anger on them, they will reflect that back at you and blame the anger they feel on you.
Attraction Doodle Humming Fish


Ying YangThe key insight of the Lovers Archetype is balance. It's a universal wisdom that can be applied to all areas of life. Even if you have no romantic partner, the lovers archetype can still be applied in the form of seeking balance in all aspects of life. This includes relationships, recreational activities, productivity, exercise, diet and love.

The Best is Yet to Be-Come!

However a love story begins and ends in your life, it should be acknowledged and accepted as part of a broader story of your personal growth and to become the highest version of yourself. Each relationship adds experience and insight. As you grow to a higher level of yourself, others on that same level become more compatible with you. Because of this, most new relationships are better than the previous ones. It's OK to feel jealousy, heart break, sadness, disappointment and loss at the end of a relationship. The discomfort is an integral part of growth. Feel it. Express it. allow it. Heal it. Learn the lessons. You are the hero of your love story of ascension. As long as you learn and grow from each experience, then each following experience has the potential to be even better than the last.

VII. The Chariot

Purpose, Direction and Dharma.

Riding a Lizard

In 2022 I took on embodying this archetype and became more tuned in with my purpose, direction, ethics, presence, and refining a spiritual mission to be on.

The artwork captures how I feel about my life purpose at this time in my life. It's broken into 3 layers. The bottom layer addresses the present moment. The Middle Layer is general purpose. The top layer is a more specific purpose.

For the bottom layer It shows a character riding a lizard spirit animal. This is symbolic of living in harmony with my animistic self, and be-friending a spirit animal that once was menacing, in particular in my first art piece on this art and spiritual path: The Fool.

The middle layer is full of boxes that are actually websites, projects, art pieces, and videos I've made over the year that are connected to my life's purpose. Green digital streams are raining down from it, connecting these projects to the world. In the middle is a vesica piscis. This symbolizes balance, creation, and my dedication to my romantic partner. Being with and supporting her is part of my life's purpose.

VIII Strength

Strength Tarot Card

Confidence, Perseverance and Cunning

Strength is all about the capacity to overcome resistance. Pushing up against resistance is what makes us stronger. Yet the spiritual strength demonstrated in the Strength Card of the Major Arcana of the Tarot is more of a way of being that uses more than force to overcome resistance. Spiritual strength is more about confidence, wisdom, compassion, flexibility and perseverance. It is sometime stronger to accept things as they are and move through situations gracefully, than to try to force things to be the way we want them to be.

Strength Archetype Drawing Pencil By Beholdify

This digital art piece of the Strength Archetype has 3 layers. The bottom layer has the "Timber root" symbol I've used in other artworks to symbolism sorrow, suffering and hardship. In this art it is the resistance felt in life to stop or give up. The purple character witnessing the symbol represent the wisdom learned from contemplating such hardships.

From there the path leads up to the tower in the middle of the art. This is the embodiment of confidence, power, and manifestation. The purple character releases a glowing bird into the sky. The empowered energy from strength creates confidence and perseverance to reach goals and launch creations into the world. The fortress tower is a stable foundation much like a regular resistance training and exercise routines builds muscular strength in the body. Spiritual strength is built from meditation, introspection, emotional intelligence and studying wisdom teachings.

The top of the art is a more conceptual vision of the future. The staircase leads upwards and turns into cogs that are turning. They symbolize perseverance, work, and continuing to push something forward. The purple character at the top is pointing forward with optimism and a vision of an empowered future.

Emotional Intelligence and Letting go of Anger

Recovering and Collecting Possibilities DrawingWhile embodying The Strength Archetype in 2023, a coworker has started disrupting my work implementing security measures without understanding how anything works. They are arrogant and sloppy, not working with me on the solution I proposed, instead doubling down and blocking the solution. It's not that complicated of a problem, and I'm so glad it’s a company I can let go of, but they are blocking the solution because of their misunderstanding and seeking dominance over others. This is causing a fight or flight reaction within my body. Part of me wants to just destroy him to get him out of my way. I'd do this by talking to his superiors about how the security measures are illogical and incompetent while blocking actual work from getting done, costing the company time and money. But that's not strength. in fact that would make the situation much worse because he is part of the management team and would not go down without a fight. like the saying goes:

"If You Seek Revenge You Should Dig Two Graves".

digital doodle Timeinstead I have to let it go over and over and over again. My body is triggered by it and the sooner I can let it go, the less it affects me. I have other more important and inspiring things to work on. This is where meditation comes in. meditation teaches how to quiet the mind and let things go that we know are not worth the time attention and energy. the animalistic Lion in me wants to roar and fight or throw everything up in the air and just run away. but my higher consciousness knows I can navigate this without creating more work for everyone including myself. This is a test of my strength and my ability to let it go emotionally.

Transcending Issues, Instead of Pushing Them Down

Strength Tarot CardWhile in the strength archetype there's an important distinction between pushing emotions down and bottling them up as opposed to letting them go and healing or transcending the root of the problem. Suppressing emotion or avoiding talking about something is not strength. the traditional imagery Of the strength archetype is of a woman taming a lion not by holding it back, but by lovingly guiding the lion to a state of peace, tranquility, and trusting of the higher self. this may involve processing emotions and feelings in a safe environment until they are discharged. Only when the emotion has been discharged does a person stand in their own strength to make good decisions and remain in alignment with their values and spirituality. This is a process, not a decision.
doodle UFO

A Prayer for Strength

The Artist Way Week 1 drawingThe Prayer for Strength is a universal prayer that Transcends all religions and spiritual perspectives. It works well along with meditation, because it's such a simple and empowering prayer. Within the prayer for strength is a letting go of all that is not strong. It's a calling to sit in discomfort because of strength and resilience to challenge, instead of giving in to it. It can be taken metaphorically or beyond the self, as a prayer for strength for everyone, for when 1 person is strong, others follow by example and stand together in strength.

Strength is Demonstrated through Resistance

You get stronger by pushing up against resistance. That's why exercise is so important. If you don't push up against resistance you become weak. So we have to create resistance where there is none. To get stronger you have to strive to accomplish something that is challenging.

Reaching for a Battery Drawing


strength archetype rough draft

Overcoming Resistance by Changing Course

I drew a rough draft of the drawing that represents my experience while I've been embodying the Strength Archetype. There is a lot of great symbolism and parallels in it that I really enjoy. First it matches the style of "The Magician" Archetype drawing I did, which is in vertical alignment with The Strength Archetype. Both are about making things happen, and pushing forward with chosen manifestations. Yet The Magician is masculine side while Strength has feminine, nurturing and taming qualities.

The mirror effect was added to give something to be strong up against. The greater the fear, the stronger the resistance and the greatest potential for demonstrating strength. Ultimately a spiritual path and growth is about facing yourself, and learning how to become a stronger version of your highest potential.

Abandoning the First Digitized Artwork Attempt

strength archetype rough abandoned digital draft I was seriously straining and not enjoying the artistic process while working on this digital drawing based on the first draft. This is as far as I got. Which is about 4% done and looks bad from the start. So many annoying details. So I stopped and changed course. I believe this pivot of art choice demonstrates a spiritual kind of strength. I have chosen to compromise and align with the path of least resistance instead of pushing hard to overcome overwhelming obstacles that are not worth the end result. Work Smarter, not harder.

Strength is all about overcoming great resistance. Resistance is what makes us stronger. But there are other was to overcome great resistance, such as changing course. By choosing to work on artwork that I already enjoy doing and is closer to being done, I expend less energy to reach my intended goal, even if I am lowering the bar for myself as a compromise. The story of why this artwork was chosen holds the wisdom of spiritual strength.

“If a branch is too rigid, it will break.
Resist, and you will perish.
Know how to yield, and you will survive.”
― Liezi,

Completing the 12 week Artist Way Spiritual Course in an Organized Group

The Artist Way Drawings and Morning Page Mage
Strength Week 8 Artist Way Doodle and NotesI took an online Zoom web-cam based The Artist Way - 12 Week Course by Julia Cameron facilitated by Rachel Moore, LMFT. It's a spiritual path to higher creativity while healing creative blockages. I doodled each week which encouraged me to spend more time drawing as well as journaling. I have really enjoyed drawing the weekly doodles so much more than working on this deeply meaningful, idealized, digitized strength archetype artwork. I took the drawing from Week 8: "Recovering a Sense of Strength", and digitized it. I plan to fix the colors, but this is the first digitized draft I have completed:

The Strength Archetype Artwork Digitized and Colored

Strength Digital Pastel Colors Beholdify Drawing March 2024

The Strength Archetype Artwork with AI Lion Art Backgrounds

I added a background image of a lion i generated using Leonardo AI Art Generator. The Tamed Lion is a great metaphor for spiritual strength. In this case the lion is adorned with glowing cryptic and spiritual symbols beyond this world. The lion's aggressive and animalistic nature can be very physically strong, yet spiritual strength is stronger as it is connected to wisdom's higher calling and value system.

Strength Archetype Blue Leo Lion Beholdify

Strength Archetype Blue Lion Beholdify

Strength Archetype Blue Leo Lion Inverted Beholdify

Strength Archetype Blue Glow Leo Lion Beholdify

The lion is Associated with the astrological sign of Leo.

Astral Projection

Setting Goals and Striving to Fulfill Expectations

I like to have goals and expectation for myself with creativity. No one ever asks to see my artwork, or encourages me to share. By going on my own spiritual art path, I heal this and gain a sense of autonomy.

The Shadow of The Strength Archetype

ephemeral drawingPushing through resistance to demonstrate strength can take a lot of energy, even if wisdom and tenderness is used instead of brute force. This extra push that is required can show up at the cost of social engagements, rest and being reasonable. It can be expressed by staying up late to get something done, then feeling tired the next day. The shadow then gets expressed by cancellations, grumpiness and not being available. It can also result in low energy while recovering from a big push. Simple daily tasks can be bypassed in favor of completing something deemed more important or so challenging that it takes up far more time and attention than original anticipated.

Strength Archetype Drawing Pencil By BeholdifyWhen I embody the strength archetype while making decisions, I often decide to carry on with the plan full speed, even when quitting would be a wise and an honorable or at least reasonable option. I learned that quitting can be a sign of spiritual strength, especially when you take in to account that quitting sometimes relieves pressure off friends and loved ones. When 1 person is strong, everyone else is forced to step up, which can be stressful or uncomfortable for those who are not interested in showing their strength or sacrificing quality of life to achieve the shared goal. While bowing out or letting go can be a form of demonstrating spiritual strength, the shadow still emerges because behind it is still an overwhelming desire to reach a compromised goal. When quits while embodying strength, they have the power to fight, but choose to use the energy in a more effective way. This quitting is less of a retreat and more of a cunning re-calibration to work smarter not harder.

Celebrating Victory of Strength and Resilience

It's important and feel good to celebrate when strength has been demonstrated, or a challenging goal has been accomplished. I am on track to graduate from #8: Strength Archetype on April 8th 2024, for the total solar eclipse. This cosmic alignment celebration is an ideal time acknowledge what I have accomplished and what resistances I have overcome while embodying this archetype. I will be present to what learned as I spiritually expand my awareness both inward into my personal journey and outward to witness a shared celestial event in the solar system.

I will be transitioning to a more introverted way of being while embodying The Hermit Archetype to deepen and make more time to focus on my purpose. The Hermit archetype heals the Strength Archetype's Shadow by consciously retreating from social groups, and extra circular activities and traveling vacations in order to deepen purpose and move forward on a personal life mission discovered while embodying The Chariot Archetype.

Strength Archetype Drawing Pencil By Beholdify

IX The Hermit

I am now studying the Hermit Archetype. I'll share more here as I make progress.

Mystic Hermit Sketch

My experience of it so far is a respectful retreat from social occasions in exchange for more time to focus on a project. It's one thing to know that, it's another thing to do it.


Previous Associations with The Hermit Archetype (2001):

I have kept a lot of drawings from my youth. These are 2 drawings I did in that I titled: The Hermit:


Meditation and Visioning

This is a doodle I did while attending a spiritual discussion:


Turning Inward to Deepen Meaning

The Hermit is deeply connected to all the previous archetypes. Like most of the arcana, they support the Chariot Archetype which aligns a person with a life purpose and meaning.

This is a time to grow spiritually.

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