Major arcana tarot cards rider waiteWhen the major arcana of the tarot are placed in order, they outline a spiritual path with wisdom that builds on the previous card. Each card represents a different archetype that embodies the lessons of achieving a way of being in the world. By studying and embracing an archetype, unique lessons emerge that can be expressed in artwork, a story, or simply a quote or affirmation. Once the lesson is captured and expressed it naturally leads to the next archetype in order leading the person on a clearly outlined spiritual path.

These archetypes represent universal human experiences that transcend language, culture and belief systems. Whether each person is aware of it or not, we are all on our own unique spiritual journey. It is something we all have in common, even if it is expressed in very different ways. It connects every person with their higher self and innate wisdom. No matter what your religion, culture or belief system is, we are all humans who crave meaning, purpose, direction and communion.

Tarot Art Journey So Far

Lighthearted Enthusiasm and Naive Optimism A leap of faith is required to start any journey into the unknown. The fool
Manifestation, Creative Focus and Productivity The magician archetype is all about using intention to manipulate the alchemical elements available in
Ritual, Invocation and Meditation I call in the presence of spirit guardians, light beings and divine grace. May I receive
Beauty Sensuality and Creativity


Artwork by Richard G Hilton.
Stay in Tune. More to be shared when Hierophant archetype is achieved.