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Ethitarianism - Ethics Based Eating

April 8, 2020

Before I switched to "Agreeganism" I was using the term: "Ethitarianism." I have abandoned that term in favor of a more laid back and holistic style of agreeganism. Here is the info on that I put together back in 2015 to 2020:

Ethitarianism is a diet based on the principals of consumer responsibility and morality. Due to the ethical implication of eating animal products, all Ethitarians are primarily plant-based, choosing to exclude animal flesh and animal fluids from factory farms in their food. An ethitarian strives to make the best ethical decision of what food to eat based on their level of awareness about how the food was produced and what are the effects of eating it on other sentient beings, the environment and their health.

There are standard guidelines for an ethitarian diet, but since ethics is a complex topic, the decision to consume something may include social dynamics, food availability and preventing food waste. An ethitarian uses a holistic approach to determining the ethical effects of consuming any particular food. Each ethitarian can define for themselves how strict their decisions are when it comes to specific situations and food choices. As long as the ethitarian's diet is primarily plant-based, striving to be aware of how the food is produced and the ethical consequence of eating the food, then exceptions can be made to occasionally consume an unethically sourced food when compared to the alternative options.

What you buy and eat has the biggest influence on the world than anything else we do. It is the single most important way we influence our health, the environment, the animals and our spirituality. Therefore what we choose to eat should be in alignment with our personal belief of what kind of world we want to live in. An ethitarian strives to make improvements to the world by adjusting their diet.

Ethitarianism is a solutions to the devastating health, environmental and ethical destruction caused by the ignorance of eating a standard American diet known as carnism. Now that we live in the 21st century where we have access to scientifically research nutritional information stating that a plant-based vegan diet is more healthy than a carnist diet, an ethitarian diet provides a way to escape the ignorance and mental cage known as the Meatrix, without the level of sacrifice and strictness required to be vegan. The animal agriculture industry has spent billions to create a false image of meat and dairy that plagues our society. Ethitarianism is the declaration that the individual is aware of this and is taking steps to reject carnism and animal agriculture. By doing so an ethitarian makes a positive stand for their health, society, the animals, the environment and the world.

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