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Vegan UFC Fighter Rashad Evans

April 22, 2020

I disagree with Joe Rogan, as he is bias towards eating meat and he doesn't really care much about the impact he has on the Earth and other beings. But he interviews all kinds of people. Such as this guy "UFC Hall of Famer Rashad Evans" who switched from eating meat, to vegan purely because it feels better. He explains how much better he feels and performs in his

I do a lot of the same things as him, it is my chosen diet now because I feel the best on it: 

  • 16:8 intermittent fasting, so skip breakfast. 0 calories in the morning. 
  • Start with a fruit nut and spinach smoothie around noon. 
  • No protein powder or protein supplementation. 
  • Eat plant based whole food dinner. 

Fiber is #1 most important aspect to monitor in diet. Once you'r aware of how our herbivore evolved digestive system requires large amounts of fiber to function optimally, it's natural to choose plants every meal.  I keep track of protein too, aiming for to get around 15 to 20 grams a day, primarily from nuts, seeds, avocados and quinoa. 

What i've been learning is that there are numerous negative effects of animal unsaturated fats from eating animal products, primarily clogging of arteries throughout the body and inflammation. 

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