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The Impossible Burger is a Better Choice than a Beef Burger In Every Way

December 8, 2020

The impossible burger is better in at least 4 of the 5 major categories when comparing food:

  • Taste, 
  • Health, 
  • Environment, 
  • Ethics and 
  • Price.   

Taste Comparison

Let's start with Taste because it seems to be a major factor in many people who don't care much about ethics, environment or health. The impossible burger is the first plant based burger to capture the blood taste in meat. It tastes equal or better than real meat.

Many people can't tell the difference between an impossible burger and a real burger, often favoring the taste of the impossible burger. Here is a video of Glen Bleck doing a live blind taste test:

It was easy for me to believe because I've tasted both a cow flesh hamburger and a plant based impossible burger. To me the Impossible burger tastes better because it's more crisp. 

Health Comparison

The impossible burger mimics beef, so it has many similar stats including high in saturated fat. So it's NOT healthy. But it is healthier to eat than beef.

Source: Mic the Vegan Graph:

Mic the Vegan's Graph based on Impossible Burger 2.0

On top of that, the Impossible burger is free from the following elements found in the production of factory farmed meat:

  • No hormones such as Estrogen. 
  • No left over antibiotics that cows are forced to eat constantly to make them less likely to get sick in atrocious conditions. 
  • No cholesterol
  • Not a Group 1 Carcinogen. So there is no link to colorectal cancer as beef does.
  • No fecal matter gets into the packaging and the facilities don't stink like feces. 
  • The production of the Impossible Burger does not create conditions for the mutation and development of antibiotic resistant bacteria and airborne viral mutations such as Corona Virus and Influenza mutations. 
  • No mad cow disease. 

Environmental Comparison

The Impossible Burger has a lower environmental impact by about 10 times! Some of the number vary depending on the source, but they all favor the impossible burger by such a high degree that anyone who believes they are an environmentalist could not call themselves an environmentalist and eat a beef burger when the impossible burger is an option. That would demonstrate ignorance, cognitive dissidence and or hypocrisy.

"87 percent less water, 96 percent less land, and 89 percent less fossil fuel emissions than a quarter pound of regular ground beef"

Source: Impossible Foods

This graph helps visualize it by putting the percentages side by side.

environmental comparison graph of impossible burger and beef

Ethical Comparison

Image Source: Reddit
The Impossible Burger is ethically justifiable. little to no animal suffering in the production of the Impossible burger. This category also dramatically favor the Impossible burger by so much, it alone is enough of a reason to never eat beef. To an Ethitarian it is the most important category and is discussed thoroughly on this site. It's a big deal our society is mostly blind too in an ignorance-is-bliss kind of way.

Anyone who buys beef from a factory farm is sponsoring animal mutilation, slavery, artificial insemination and slaughter of thousands of animals. While anyone who buys an impossible burger is sponsoring an ethical alternative our society so badly needs to try to reduce the strangle hold that factory farms have on our health, environment and the sentient beings we share the planet with.

Cost Comparison

The Impossible Burger may cost more in a restaurant at this time, but this isn't because it cost more money to produce. It cost less. But we pay for beef in other ways through: Externalizing Cost and Government Animal Agriculture Subsidies. Here is a video that explains the externalization of cost for beef which brings the price down at the time of purchase: 

Include the Cost of Infectious Disease and Future Pandemic Involved with buying Factory Farmed Animal Products

There is also the cost of pandemics caused by consumer spending decisions and dietary choices of eating animal products instead of plant based products. It's a big factor for 2020, as we are currently in a global pandemic that is costing everyone a great deal.

If you don't like this pandemic, then we as consumers must stop funding any organization that will cause future pandemics through boycott and our freedom to choose better options, such as the impossible burger and "Beyond Meat" products. Vote with your dollars.

Here is an article and video that goes more in depth on how the pandemic causing infectious diseases are linked to factory farm conditions here in the US: 

The meat we eat is a pandemic risk, too (Vox Aug 20, 2020)

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