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III & IV Empress and Emperor Archetypes Together

July 27, 2020

Empress and Emperor Archetypes Together Colorized

Empress and Emperor Archetypes Amplify Each Other

These 2 Archetypes balance each other out and are complimentary energies. The Empress has Divine Feminine energy from 2 of the 4 elements: Water (Emotional Intelligence) and Earth (Physical Grounded-ness). The Emperor has Divine Masculine energy from Fire (Passion) and Air (The Mind). By consciously empowering and amplifying the archetypal qualities in each other, they strengthen eachother. Together they are ideally suited to create a stable and protected home or living situation.

Empress and Emperor Energetically Together

Divine Masculine and Feminine

Divine feminine nurtures and manifests while divine masculine protects and creates structure. These two ways of being are compatible with each other in a way that makes a lot of potential for a strong connection. By putting attention and practice into these qualities, we make ourselves a more suitable partner of the opposite archetype.

Their energies are attracted to each other for inexplicable reasons as unique and complex as each expression of these archetypes are. As long as there is clear communication, trust and honesty, the energy flows between them freely, giving both people access to both archetypes.

Empress and Emperor Energetics sketch

The Shadow of Co-Dependent Archetypes

Co-dependent relationships are ones where at least one of the people rely on the other too much so it become out of balance. This can happen when communication breaks down, or you trust someone and give to them in a way you expect them to do the same for you. When this shadow emerges, it's time to nurture the archetype of our partner within ourselves. You don't need another person to experience a balance in both archetypes. Only do that when you find a trustworthy and loyal partner.

Emppress and Emperor Early Sketch

Stability and Empowerment

This double archetype embraced by 2 people is very empowering. From this place a person can feel grounded and sure of themselves. This leaves to the next archetype "The Hierophant" (High Priest), because the desire to express this spiritual joy and wisdom becomes strong. Especially to the next generation, or seekers of any kind.

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