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Music is a great shared experience that can be inspiring and uplifting. It's a wonderful form of self expression, and turning into harmonious energy. This is where I post my DJ mixes and music creations I've created under the name DJ Beholdify. Formerly DJ Beholder Sphere and DJ Polar Sphere.

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Galactic Yoda's Star Wars Tribute Musical Journey

This is a star wars theme music mix I made in 2021. It features quotes from Jedi Master Yoda and remix tracks from Star Wars. It includes songs from The Mandalorian, Space Oddity, Lofi and Pepper. The video is a screen capture and web camera of the mix being made on Virtual DJ Software using M-Audio Xponent Digital Turn Tables.  » Read more about: Galactic Yoda's Star Wars Tribute Musical Journey  »

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DJ Beholdify Mixes

Decades of Experience DJing

I started DJing in 2006 with vinyl turn tables. I still have some of those old mixes as mp3s on an old website called Linklotus. I stopped for a few years then started again in 2012 by DJing a few times at a local ecstatic dance.

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Tune Techtonics Mixes by DJ Beholdify

Tune Techtonic Spontaneous Overflow DJ Beholdify

Here is a mix I made that beat matches 2 tunes together for the majority of each song. I blended them together like Plate Techtonics that cause Earth quaking beats, which I call: Tune Techtonics!

This was DJed back in April 2021.

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Totally Polar Music Mixes


DJ PolarSphere · Submerge Mix by DJ Polar Sphere  » Read more about: Totally Polar Music Mixes  »

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