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Core Values and Dietary Choices

I will admit that I have a strong bias for a plant-based whole food diet. Primarily because of these core values I have:  

  • Health and vitality 
  • Truth and awareness
  • Compassion and kindness
  • Sustainability and environmentalism
  • Harmony and balance with the Earth

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Collective Allies

"Purpose Becomes Real When Shared."

Choose Your Path

We are all on our own journeys in life. Making conscious choices that fit our unique story is the key. Its not always clear how to move forward, but each day we lay the foundation for what comes ahead.

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Why Facts Don't Convince People (and what you can do about it)

  1. Relate to the person who you are trying to convince. Let them know you're in the same tribe as them. Find common ground. Be friendly.
  2. Don't push your facts as the ultimate truth, and other facts as wrong. There are many facts that contradict each other.

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Mental Cage for City People

New Language - Poetry of the Dancing Being
A scene from the film My Dinner With Andre.

This clip asks you to consider that New York is a cage,
built by the inmates, who are also guards.

That is an example of a mental cage.

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Shoulders by Shane Koyczan and The Short Story Long

This is an inspiring poetic story called Shoulders by Shane Koyczan.

"Change is like rain, it starts with a single drop."
-Shane Koyczan

"We must take the martial arts approach to loving our planet-
Love as self-defense."
-Shane Koyczan

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Redefining Family & Sacred Economics

Guruji Sri Vast talks of our concept of family and why that concept needs to be broadened to include all people, not just those inside your house.

"You see so many people left alone. Why? Because of our concept of family."

- Guruji Sri Vast

Visit to explore the world of sustainability.

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Wealth Inequality in America

Our enemy is not the other political party, it's a battle between the rich and the 99%.
It's ultimately corporate greed and those who support it fighting against the middle class.
With the poor rooting for the middle class.

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Vehicle for the Soul Documentary from 2011

Vehicle for the Soul is a short documentary I produced it back in 2010. It's about energy flow in the body, known also known as Qi, and the many levels of movement it creates in the body. Through the lens of acupuncture, breath work, and biofeedback, this film allows us to examine the bridge between the mind and body.

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