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Cow Milk Is Much Worse Than Plant Based Alternatives

January 20, 2021

Overweight carnists asking about protein

Here are many reasons why cow milk AKA Dairy is bad in 4 of the 5 major categories when evaluating it's value:

  • Taste is Subjective.
  • Health Issues associated with Dairy Products.
  • Ethical Atrocity of Dairy Products from Factory Farms.
  • Environmental Damage and Pollution is Catastrophic.
  • Spiritual Delusion is often Used to Justify Consuming Cow Milk.

Taste Is Subjective

Cows milk does not taste good to me, but I do like the taste of animal fat is deserts. Society tends to accept that dairy taste good. It's Subjective and the least important reason to eat or drink something!

When cows milk goes off, which it does easily it smells wretched! That is the smell of fermenting cow puss.

Health Issues Associated with Dairy Products

Image Source: Doctors Urge 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee To Ditch Dairy

There are many negative health effects of regularly consuming cow milk. Particularly from the high density of fat with no fiber. This causes issues in human digestion leading to a wide variety of problems such as: Farting, constipation, colon cancer, diabetes and rapid weight gain. It is a source of calcium, but since beans and green vegetables are also high in calcium, cow milk is a low quality source of nutrients.

Image Source: Million Dollar Vegan

The Factory Farm Dairy Industry spends millions on pro milk and diary commercials to cover up how bad it is for you and destructive it is for the environment. They also lobby the USA FDA to add "Dairy" as a nutritional category, when it is not an essential food group. Our bodies of course don't require cow milk as an adult. They've finally added "Soy milk" to what they accept as "Daily" yet there are tons of other types of plant based milk high in calcium such as almond milk.

Plant Based Alternative Milks are Healthier

Image Source: Pure Momentum - Animal & Plant Sources of Calcium. Myths & Maths

Contrary to mass marketing; A Plant-Based Diet Can Build Strong Bones. Fat people who drink milk have more fat padding around their bones, so they are less likely to break when you fall over.

Ethical Atrocity of Dairy Products from Factory Farms

Buying and eating dairy products is an atrocity. You can't drink dairy and pretend your not stealing milk from a baby cow who's mother only produces milk for her children. That Mother cow probably didn't want to have a baby and never got to have a relationship with them. Awful ethics to sponsor the cruelty of the diary factory farms.

Image Source: Viral Meme Unknown Origin

Cows milk is for baby cows. Its so obvious, yet some of our society is blind to it. Mother cows only make milk after having a baby. If you are not that baby, it's not meant for you.

Environmental Impact of Cows Milk is Devastating compared to Plant-Based Alternatives

Buying and Consuming Cows Milk Causes Massive Environmental Damage and is a Major Contributor to Man Made Global Warming

Environmental impact comparison of milk bbc graph
Image Source: BBC - Climate change: Which vegan milk is best?

Here is a list of Environmental Damage Categories:

  • Clear Cutting forests such as the amazon for cow grazing.
  • Cows create massive amounts of methane and manure.
  • Cows eat plant food that we have to grow for the cows that could go to humans.
  • Cow Factory Farms spread diseases such as Mad Cow Disease and super antibiotics resistant bacteria. This will cause future pandemics and sickness

Spiritual Delusion is often Used to Justify Consuming Cow Milk.

You can't be spiritual person while consuming milk stolen from a baby cow's mother you don't care about. That would be delusional, while spirituality is about awareness.

Spiritual Connection with the Animal Lives you Effect

Spirituality leads you to understand that human consciousness is unique, but all sentient beings are conscious like you are. All sentient beings value their own life more than anything. Like you, they don't want to live a life of suffering as a prisoner or a consumer commodity.

Animal Rights From ARA Life Itself
Infographic Source:ARA

Anyone who considers themself spiritual will naturally move towards and adopt a plant based diet or be a hypocrite. Only if a spiritual person has take care of the cow they drink the milk from would it be spiritually permissible or justifiable. If you take care of and protect a cow, you are spiritually allowed to drink her milk if you spiritually believe the cow would be ok with that in exchange for food and medical care.

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