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IX The Hermit

May 10, 2024

The Hermit archetype is associated with seclusion from society to pursue wisdom, spiritual insight and life purpose. The intention is to remove distractions, social obligations and material attachment in favor of creating more time to focus deeply on matters concerning society as a whole, spiritual insight and life purpose. This is not a rejection of society, as the hermit’s intention is to shine the light of their wisdom for all who seek it.
Mystic Hermit Sketch
The lantern the hermit holds up is symbolic for the wisdom and light they have cultivated and willing to share with the world. This light is associated with magic and guidance that is derived from discipline, and experience with mystical teachings. My experience of it so far is a respectful retreat from social occasions in exchange for more time to focus on a project. It's one thing to know that, it's another thing to do it.

Previous Associations with The Hermit Archetype (2001):

I have kept a lot of drawings from my youth. These are 2 drawings I did in that I titled: The Hermit:  

DoodleTurning Inward to Deepen Meaning

The Hermit is deeply connected to all the previous archetypes. Like most of the arcana, they support the Chariot Archetype which aligns a person with a life purpose and meaning.

AI generated Art from Drawing

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