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III. The Empress

May 1, 2020

Empress Beholder Sphere Tarot Art colored

Nurturing Beauty and Creativity

The Empress Archetype is the outward expression of having a vision and then nurturing it into life. This can be expressed through visual vibrancy and color. In this art piece it's represented by the nautilus shell she is manifesting. It's simplistic spiral form representing an infinitely expanding growth from the loving attention of a motherly force. 

The Empress Archetype is a balance of the element of Water and Earth. The water fall and lake represents her connection with emotion as ripples out in constant motion and transformation. The Earth Symbol in the Rock formation to the right as well as the solid throne she sits upon symbolizes her groundedness and stability as someone you can rely on to provide a strong foundation to grow from. 

Tarus Neckless

Taurus is the astrological symbol and the personality of the Empress. You can see the symbol of Taurus on her necklace and at the base of her throne. Qualities associated with the Empress and Taurus are: Reliable, patient, practical, devoted, responsible, stable. 

Goddess Moon SymbolThe Moon on the top left is merged with the symbol of the Divine Feminine Goddess. It represent an ideal to pull inspiration from while accessing a feminine higher self. The Moon is connected with the night, insight, introversion, and the unconscious. It's phases are a reminder of the cyclical nature of all things and our direct connection to that cycle. 

Angelic FigureThe angelic bird in the top right symbolizes the loving and goodhearted nature an Empress Archetype embraces. She protects those who cannot protect themselves. These young creatures are represented by the little ones who sit on top of her throne. 

Her throne has the symbol of Venus at the top, as that is the planet that the Empress gets her power from. The 12 stars at the top of her throne represent the 12 zodiac astrological symbols that the Empress and the Emperor rule over with leadership, wisdom and guidance. The Throne is symbolic of the authoritarian power of the Empress, as this archetype offers protection and nurturing in exchange for jurisdiction, power and respect. 

The figure in the bottom right represent my experience of the Empress and the witnessing of such divine beauty. It is best represented with art, poetry, and non-verbal expressions. All qualities the Empress Archetype is in tune with. The figure is drawing what the Empress is nurturing into existence, but it's a mirror image, representing that an image of something is not the same as the actual thing. 

When I started to study the Empress Archetype, I met a woman who I will refer to as Eva. I treated her with love and respect and experienced her as a divine feminine force. Soon after we officially became boyfriend and girlfriend. It became clear that in-order for me to amplify the divine feminine, I needed to study divine masculine at the same time. conveniently the next archetype is the Emperor. 

The Empress and the Emperor are so intimately connected that it makes sense to study both archetypes at the same time. So as I studied and drew the Empress I saved space for the Emperor next to her. 

Empress and Emperor in progress of drawing and incomplete
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