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Music is a great shared experience that can be inspiring and uplifting. It's a wonderful form of self expression, and turning into harmonious energy. This is where I post my DJ mixes and music creations I've created under the name DJ Beholder Sphere.

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February 18, 2024
DJ Beholdify Mixes

I've been DJing with DJ Kaon Light and DJ Fotosentitividad the past few months. We have formed a Music Mixing Trio. We've been using a DDJ-FLX6 Controller for the digital turn tables, and Rekordbox for the DJing software.

I have created a new Soundcloud account for DJ Beholdify my latest mixes.

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January 26, 2022
DJ Beholder Sphere - Tune Techtonics Mixes

Galactic Yoda's Star Wars Tribute Musical Journey

This is a star wars theme music mix called Galactic Yoda. It features quotes from Master Yoda and remix tracks from Star Wars. It includes songs from The Mandalorian, Space Oddity, Lofi and Pepper. The video is a screen capture and web camera of the mix being made on Virtual DJ Software using M-Audio Xponent Digital Turn Tables.

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October 1, 2021
Totally Polar Music Mixes


DJ PolarSphere · Submerge Mix by DJ Polar Sphere  » Read more about: Totally Polar Music Mixes  »

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