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February 18, 2024

Decades of Experience DJing

I started DJing in 2006 with vinyl turn tables. I still have some of those old mixes as mp3s on an old website called Linklotus. I stopped for a few years then started again in 2012 by DJing a few times at a local ecstatic dance. Back then I went by the DJ name DJ Polar Sphere. in 2023 I stared DJing again with DJ Kaon Light and DJ Fotosentitividad (Lola). We have formed a Music Mixing Trio. We've been using a DDJ-FLX6 Controller for the digital turn tables, and Rekordbox for the DJing software.

Darkness into Light Forbidden Mix on Soundcloud

I have created a new Soundcloud account for DJ Beholdify my latest mixes. I used an AI art generator to make the Images of the blue techno DJ that's the featured image of this account, and the banner of my soundcloud account. Please follow me if you have a soundcloud account and you like my style.

I called that mix Darkness into Light Forbidden Mix because I used a sound clip from "The Secret of Kells" Animated Movie Trailer, where she says: "I have seen beauty grow in the most fragile of places... I've see the book that turns darkness into light." It's a forbidden mix because I consider DJing a forbidden art. I'm primarily a visual artist, so I wasn't supposed to be DJing that day. I know how fun and time consuming DJing is, so I have declared it as forbidden to protect myself from getting too involved with it.

Turntable Tuneday Tanuary Twenty Twenty Tour 2024

This is a mix I made that is on soundcloud too:

Signals from Apollo Space Travels to Beholdify with AI Generated DJing Art

This is a space themed DJ mix with real historic NASA communication radio chatter including the quote: "That's one small step for man, One giant leap for mankind." The artwork is generated with AI Art generators Leonardo and Ideogram.:

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