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Tune Techtonics Mixes by DJ Beholdify

January 26, 2022

Tune Techtonic Spontaneous Overflow DJ Beholdify

Here is a mix I made that beat matches 2 tunes together for the majority of each song. I blended them together like Plate Techtonics that cause Earth quaking beats, which I call: Tune Techtonics!

This was DJed back in April 2021. I used visual effect by Milkdrop 2 Winamp Plugin Controlled by DJ Beholdify while using the music as an input source.

Come Together Mix To Beholdify

In this 20 minute mix I practice overlapping tunes for as long as possible. It's chillout music which makes it easier. It also featuring some spoken word wisdom from Alan Watts.


  1. Desert Dwellers - Dub Sutras
  2. Balance - Three Trees
  3. Nox Vahn & Marsh - Come Together - Featuring Alan Watts Spoken Word.
  4. Space Men - Space Melody (Chillout Remix)
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