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Galactic Yoda's Star Wars Tribute Musical Journey

May 4, 2024

This is a star wars theme music mix I made in 2021. It features quotes from Jedi Master Yoda and remix tracks from Star Wars. It includes songs from The Mandalorian, Space Oddity, Lofi and Pepper. The video is a screen capture and web camera of the mix being made on Virtual DJ Software using M-Audio Xponent Digital Turn Tables.

I re-released this mix with new images and added another yoda quote. The images were generated using Leonardo, ideogram and Blue Willow AI art generators.

When I released this mix in 2021 here is the cover image I used for it back then:Galactic Yoda Mix

I have done another edit of the mix that Ill be releasing May 4th, 2025, for Star Wars Day: "May the 4th be with you." Subscribe to my Beholdify youtube to get notified when it comes out.

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