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Tofu Scramble Is Healthier and Smarter than Scrambled Egg

April 29, 2023

Tofu Scramble is better in all categories than scrambled eggs. In particular it's healthier. For many reasons the biggest and most important reason for you is it's 0 cholesterol. As you know cholesterol is one of the nutrients that is only in animal products and clogs arteries and causes high blood pressure in humans.

Tofu Scramble vs scrambled eggs comparison-dr-plantbased
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Tofu Scramble is Easy, Healthy and Delicious. It's a no brainier switch that has advantages in all categories: Health, Ethical, Environmental, and their for intelligence. In conclusion, smarter people choose Tofu scrabble, instead of stealing their nutrients from animal suffering and externalizing costs onto environmental destruction and water waste.

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