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Animals are Here With Us, Not For Us

April 22, 2023

Animals are not resourcesIt's a simple mentality change that our society is behind on: Using animals as a resource has created so much sickness in human society, from pandemics and obesity, to climate destruction.

Animals are Here With Us Not For UsA vegan and agreegan mentality switch starts the healing on an individual level, so that our entire society can heal from the lies animal agriculture has injected into society to feed off those who don't acknowledge the basic ethical foundation that:
"Animals are here with us, not for us."

We know this instinctively from our pets. Most pet lovers, love their pets. That's because they are aware of the sentience of their pet, and feel kinship with them as a fellow sentient being that wants love and freedom. Farm animals are also sentient beings. These are animals we share the planet with and are not resources to abuse. The conditions of factory farms defy basic ethical values of a civilized human being. The only way this atrocity continues to plague our society as a sickness is through a ignorant and callous mentality based in self-centered, low awareness way of living. Consumers who pay factory farms are the reason they exist at the scale and level of sickness that is an atrocity. Ignorance is not bliss, in the case of buying from factory farms, it leads to sickness on many levels. Our pets are here to teach us to love and protect "lesser beings" and that animals are sentient.

Truth Vs ConvenienceYou can't be an "animal lover" and eat animal products from a factory farm.
You can't be an environmentalist and eat animal products from a factory farm.

If you don't know where your animal products come from, you're ignorant. If you do and still buy them, Your callous. Either way you contribute to the sickness of society and there is healing to be done. We were all born into a world that animal agriculture attrocity is accepted as normal, but we all have the capacity to heal ourselves from that broken mentality. The teachings and lifestyle of agreeganism facilitates this healing within. It's a step towards veganism but doesn't require such a strict diet. It's acknowledging there is a sickness, and taking steps to reduce your level of contribution to the source of the problem: Animal Agriculture and Factory farms.

Agreegan Logo Life is better as an agreegan. It is a life style of awareness and decency. It means you are healing from societies sickness you were born into. Farm-acy Joke: Eat Veggies. You're healing can help others heal through teaching by example. You will naturally meet and be drawn to people who have also healed, which means you gravitate towards a community of individuals who are holistic, healthy and wise. You don't have to speak out against those who are ignorantly eating animal products, but you will naturally feel kinship with those who are aware and choose a plant-based holistic diet. This is one of the subtle ways that being agreegan improves your life: The people who are attracted to you are wiser, healthier and more in-tune with the Earth.

Hypocrisy with Animal LoversAnyone who purchases and consumes animal products from factory farms on a daily basis can't be aware in the full sense of the word, because it requires you to be callous or ignorant, both qualities of a lower awareness. There are better choices available that only those with awareness can tune into. When someone is sick and lying to themselves about where their food comes from, those who are healed can see the sickness. Vegans and agreegans will either attempt to help raise their awareness by explaining the truth to them, or distance themselves from them. It's not fun being around ignorant meat eaters, when you are one who is aware of all the extremely negative effects of such ignorant behavior. Those who are sick often don't recognize the mental cage they are in, and don't know what it feels like to be free from it. The benefits have to do with how other people treat you. You can't feel what it's like to be healed, until you heal.

Plant Eater Vs Meat Eater
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