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Vampires Require Animal Blood, Humans Do Not

November 25, 2017

Vampire with Sharp Canines

Imagine we lived in a world were humans had sharp carnivora teeth, like that of a vampire. Vampires are mythological evil monsters that pray on the blood of other beings with no compassion. Since vampires drink the blood of humans and can turn humans into cursed vampires, we fear them. Yet from the perspective of an imprisoned industrial farm cow, pig or chicken, humans are evil vampires.

Thankfully humans do not require blood or meat to survive, because we are not vampires. Even if we had sharp flesh ripping teeth, it wouldn't change anything about the ethics of industrial animal farming. Agreeganism would remain the same, advocating not buying or eating unethical food. Having sharp teeth is like having knives in our hands, which we already have access to.

If our digestive tract was carnivorous as-well as having sharp teeth, then yes, I'd change my views and would consume meat. It would be awful to be like a vampire, requiring blood to survive. In that case I'd turn to the lowest impact animal products as possible. Maybe fish and try to figure out sustainable fresh water fishing while still abolish industrial animal farming. Even if humans were vampires, agreeganism would still be important for ethical, spiritual and environmental reasons.

The issue is not so much about killing and eating animals. I accept that humans can and should kill for survival of themselves and their tribe. Killing is an option for defending life and to prevent starvation. I also accept that humans have done it for thousands of years and sometimes in ethically justifiable ways.

No Animal SlaveryThe issues is animal slavery and life long torture of other species in the 21st century. Plant based food is already abundant, as well as less damaging to the Earth, the animals, and our own bodies. We live in the age of information, so we can go look up where our meat comes from to see that it's an atrocity.

Humans should abolish and boycott all forms of slavery for economic gain. Our short term privilege is not worth their life long suffering. Those humans who eat meat needlessly for pleasure are like ignorant vampires, stealing the lives of other beings for their pleasure.

Whole Food Plant Based Food PyramidIn the 21st century, we have the information and access to all the food needed to eat a "Whole food plant based" diet. It's the one thing we can do to make the biggest positive influence on the Earth.

Most of us were born with vampire like diets, eating flesh with blood and milk from captive tortured farm animals. But most of us are not evil. We can break free of the vampire curse by becoming aware of it and taking steps to change.

That's what Agreeganism is about First accepting that humans are funding an ethical atrocity of epic scale. Then find ways to opt out of it in an empowering way. Set your own pace and rules.  I'm trying to figure out how to do this in the most effective way for myself and others in the middle class.

End the cage age!
Break free of the Meatrix! 🙂

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