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The Lovers Archetype Modified with AI Art Generator Leonardo

February 25, 2023

I took "The Lover's Archetype" artwork I made, and ran it through Leonardo AI to get some creative variations. I used a variety of settings and a lot of them came out bad, but below are some of the good ones.

It's amazing to see what it made. Some of the best creations are in the gallery below. Some parts of it are inspiring, other parts are interesting to feel the style changes. The characters, shapes and dragons emphasis different qualities, or often through their emotional expressions.

I look forward to working more with AI Generated or AI modified artwork. Particularly because my artwork is recreational and represent personal and spiritual aspects of my life.
Lovers Archetype BeholderSphere
The Origonal "The Lovers Archetype" Art Piece before any AI Art Generated Variations.
I included a prompt that was a variations of this:

"Lovers Tarot Card with dragons embrace tales wrapped glowing symbols yin yang orb male female in love"
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