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Mental Cage for City People

December 2, 2015

New Language - Poetry of the Dancing Being
A scene from the film My Dinner With Andre.

This clip asks you to consider that New York is a cage,
built by the inmates, who are also guards.

That is an example of a mental cage.
A mental cage is something that keeps a person trapped
into doing something they don't actually want.
It is enforced by the person's belief system,
and their decisions and actions.

To be freed from a mental cage,
you just have to change your thinking.
You must allow yourself the freedom to make different choices,
that reflect your values, and how you want life to be.

The idea that We don't have to kill and eat animals,
is a statement that frees people from a mental cage.
It also frees animals from a physical cage.
Which is why choosing not to eat meat,
is a reflection of a persons freedom,
from a mental cage.

We don't have to kill and eat animals
End the cage age.

Mental Cage for Meat Eaters

The Vegan Red Pill:

Free Your Mind & Escape The Matrix

What decision will you make when no one is watching you?

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