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Semi-Guided Melodic Meditation Music for Clarity and Visioning

December 19, 2022

This 10 minute meditation is ideal for taking a break from a project to relax, while also using that time to imagine how to work on your chosen project. It's split into 2 parts separated by 5 gongs. The first part is for relaxation. The 2nd part is for imagining and visioning working on the project. The gongs are 12 seconds apart, and idea breathing rate for relaxation: 6 seconds in 6 seconds out.

This 10 minute meditation has very few words in it for guidance. In the first 5 minutes the suggestion is to let go of distracting thoughts and relax. Then 2nd 5 minutes it is suggested to imagine working on your chosen project and visioning how it will be done.

The music is from The Whitcher video game. The visuals are from Milk Drop 2 in Winamp.

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