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Lucidity Festival 2023 The Great Synthesis

January 4, 2023

The Great Synthesis - Lucidity Festival 2023

I will be taking part in a panel discussion called "Lucid Dreaming for the Great Synthesis" at 2PM Saturday, April 8th 2023 in The Summit at The Lucidity Festival in California. Other Lucid dreamers will be on the panel such as: Jonah Haas, Sanjeev (Sanj 'Binaural Dreams'), Erik Casano and Gwendolyn Alley. The workshop space will be set up to accommodate approximately 100 audience members. I have taken part in a lucid dream workshops and discussion panels in previous years at Lucidity Festival which have all been enriching and uplifting experiences. This year theme is "The Great Synthesis". Which is why I'm on a discussion panel with other lucid dreamers to discuss "Lucid Dreaming for the Great Synthesis".

I will also be hosting an hour Lucid Dreaming Workshop on Friday April 7th 2023 10:30am called:

7 Things you need to know to have a Lucid Dream

This workshop will give you a solid foundation for a lucid dream practice. Here is the official description of the workshop I wrote up:

Anyone can learn the skill of lucid dreaming. When you become aware of the dream while you are in it, it opens up whole new possibility of experiences you can have that feel as real and vivid as waking reality. Your dreams are unique and often address aspects of your life you are most concerned with. You can gain astonishing insight and grow as a person through your experiences with lucid dreaming. It’s also a lot of fun as you get better at it. This workshop will cover the most important aspects of lucid dreaming that will dramatically improve your skill level. It will also include step-by-step instructions on how to do a lucid dream practice using the “Wake-Back-To-Bed” technique.

Dream Pie Chart GraphicI was very active with lucid dreaming 10 years ago when the Lucidity Festival first started. It was extremely empowering in my personal development. My life's purpose at that time was to spread knowledge and wisdom about lucid dreaming to the world. This culminated in a documentary, live workshops and making various content for lucid dreaming.

I no longer lucid dream to the same level as I did back then. I have lost a lot of my abilities and often fall back into dream dilemmas I've already figured out in past dreams. Recently I average 1 spontaneous lucid dream a year, and it's nowhere near as vivid and profound as the dreams I had in my 20s and 30s.

Despite my lack of lucid dreams in the recent years, I am still dedicated to spreading knowledge and wisdom about Lucid Dreaming and how to achieve that miraculous state. The Lucidity Festival is an ideal place to do that! In previous years I have lead workshop on lucid dreaming such as:

  • The 7 thing you need to know to have a lucid dream
  • Advanced Lucid Dreaming

The 2 lucid dream workshops are talked about in this blog post I wrote over 7 years ago. It includes video from my "Advanced Lucid Dream" workshop from Lucidity Festival 2015 – Kindred Quest

The Great Synthesis - Lucidity Festival 2023The Great Synthesis

The theme of The Lucidity Festival this year is "The Great Synthesis". It is described as unity consciousness and the culmination of all that has come before merging to become something new.

How it's showing up for me is the culmination of many aspects coming together to form a collective direction and purpose for life. We all share so much in common, yet we all have a unique part to play in this process. Lucid Dreaming teaches innate universal human wisdom that is useful while on a path or following a purpose. It's something we all have access to and is a direct connection to the spiritual inner dream realm where states of oneness or universal consciousness can be achieved. But only when all elements and timing aligns, working together in synergy for a common goal.

The Lucid Dreaming Workshop Info and My Bio on the Lucidity Festival Website

below is a screenshot from the Lucidity Festival website that shows my bio and workshop info. In the "Media" Section it has a video, which is the video on the page for the 7 Things you need to know to have a Lucid Dream.

Lucidity Festival Website Page Screenshot
This video capture well what the Lucidity Festival experience is about:


Here is the Workshop I did at Lucidity Festival:

Videos Posted After Lucidity Festival on April 22nd:

Youtube Playlist of Lucidity Festival 2023 including some 360 Panoramic Videos

Youtube Playlist of exclusively 360 videos from Lucidity Festival 2023


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