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Canine Teeth For Kindness

November 24, 2017

Humans have 4 extremely small canine teeth, much like other herbivores. The human mouth is not designed for biting or ripping flesh. The reason humans can eat meat, is because of hand made weapons & knives (not claws or teeth), and that we cook off the bacteria that could kill us or make us sick if we ate it raw, because we have herbivore digestive system.  That is why we can technically be called an omnivore. But we are not like any of the other omnivores which tend to share more traits with carnivores than herbivores.

human anatomy teeth

Humans are the only herbivores that can kill and cook meat. Which makes them a unique Omnivore, that no other animal is. It is clear that hunter gatherers and pre-historic humans ate cooked meat whenever they could to help their tribe survive. There is no debate about the ability for an intelligent human to kill and eat animals for survival, and that is has been done for thousands of years.

Factory farmThere is a new issue with eating meat that has emerged in the past 60 years. Almost all of our meat comes from atrocious slave farms that force billions of animals to live a life of constant suffering and separation from any form of love or family. Industrial farming is wrong for many reasons, in particular: Health, Ethics and Environment cost.

First and foremost, humans do not have to eat meat! So it's a option, or privilege, or luxury. Not a requirement. It's clear that humans have used meat for survival for over 2 million years. So it's not that eating meat is wrong. It's that enslaving animals is wrong. A human can live an entire life without enslaving or killing any animals, or paying others to do it.  At least our per-historic ancestors were honorable in their meat eating. Meat eaters and dairy milk drinkers of the 21st century are either miss informed by the meat and dairy industry marketing, ignorant, or callous, or all 3 combined.

With regards to health, it is better not to eat meat and drink cow milk, as long as you do a bit of research on whole food plant based diet, and give your body time to transition to a more healthy way of eating. We are the most intelligent species on the planet. We can adapt to a way of life that does not require slavery of those less intelligent than us. A plant base diet is also in greater alignment with our Herbivore characteristics.

cancer and eating meat infographicWhen a human eats cooked meat and drinks processed cows milk throughout their life, they are 3 time more likely to have constipation, colon cancer and heart disease.  This is the effects of eating food not ideal for our body type, even after cooking it. Also take into account the massive amount of anti-bionics and other weird things the meat and dairy industry puts in the animals and processed meat.

In the 21st century, We do NOT need any animal products for health. It's only for taste & cultural programming. Unfortunately it is social acceptable, and sometimes even encouraged to eat meat and drink cow milk. Many people don't know how to eat a healthy plant based diet, and would need to learn. Old people in particularly are often unable to accept that they have been wrong for so long, and will more likely fight to defend their current way of life. Especially when it taste good to them and is easier, and their tribe does it. It also takes some research and changing habits to make forward progress, so I understand the resistance.

That's why Agreeganism is the way to go, taking baby steps in the right direction, that people choose for themselves. This is the biggest impact we have on the world, is what we buy and eat. This is where we have power.

 plant based food on a plate infographic

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