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15 Minute Contemplation Meditation

April 28, 2024

Using Meditation For Contemplation and Mindfulness

The most common meditation I do almost daily is a 15 minute meditation that includes a part that is for quieting the mind and a part that is for allowing contemplation of a meaningful topic. I find this meditation most helpful because not only do I practice quieting the mind, but often times a new insight will emerge that I find useful to contemplate, that would not have emerged if I didn't quiet the mind to listen deeply. Having a notepad near by is useful because often times what is contemplated should be noted so it is not forgotten.

I use an mp3 to create a container for the experience and to signal when to shift from mindfulness to contemplation. You can Download the MP3 here:


Music Credit: Blissful Journey by Marina Raye

3 Part Meditation

The audio has 3 parts that are 5 minutes each. Each part is separated by 4 gongs that are 12 seconds apart. This is to set a breathing rhythm that can be matched to get the body into a more relaxed and healing state. The 12 second breathing cycle of 6 seconds in and 6 seconds out is one that is ideal for getting the body into "Heart Coherence".

Mental Suggestions for Each of the 5 Minute Periods:

  1. Let you mind and body settle. Allow thoughts to happen and relax. Focus on slowing down your breathing and becoming still.
  2. Allow a topic to come to mind. Preferably a topic that you don't usually think about or something with depth. It could be about an creative project, an old friend, a life goal, health and wellness, or visualizing something to manifest.
  3. Let go of the toipc of contemplation to become mindful. Allow thoughts to show up, but let them go. Just be present. Don't actively think about anything. Keep letting go and going deeper. Let everything be the way it is.

Source: Generated using Blue Willow AI Art Generator.

10 minute Guided Meditation for Blissful Productivity Activiation

Here is an alternate version that only has 2 parts, but includes a guided voice to prompt you in the meditation when it's time to contemplate.

You can Download the MP3 here:

Music Credit:
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Official Soundtrack
by Marcin Przybyłowicz, Mikolai Stroinski

Vehicle for the Soul LogoVehicle For The Soul - Breath Sync Meter

I made a series of videos called "Vehicle For The Soul" where I talk about heart coherence and show a breathing meter on the screen to synchronism your breathing to:

Source Vehicle For The Soul (2010).

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