II. High Priestess

beholder sphere high priestess ritual 02

Ritual, Invocation and Meditation

I call in the presence of spirit guardians, light beings and divine grace. May I receive wisdom and guidance in alignment with my highest self and greatest intentions.

Messages come in the form of symbols of universal human experiences, stories and revelations. This inward vision can be accessed through ceremony, daily routines, and rituals that are guided by meditation, intuition, nature and the tarot.

I am grateful to spend time with Izabelle Sweet who embraces and amplifies the high priestess archetype. This has taken me 1 step further on my spiritual journey and is channeled into this drawing.

I. The Magician

beholder sphere magician manifestation 01

I. Manifestation, Creative Focus and Productivity

The magician archetype is all about using intention to manipulate the alchemical elements available in a way that manifests experiences that illuminate truth, awareness, and purpose in an inspiring and enchanting way. By effectively manifesting what is needed, the magician can take a step to higher ground instead of falling into challenging situations that a more foolish archetype can get themselves into.

0. The Fool

Enthusiasm and The Beginning of a Journey Into the Unknown

A leap of faith is required to start any journey. The fool Archetype is an enthusiastic “Yes” to the journey, motivated by grandure delusions of what may be ahead while not paying much attention to the potential danger.